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Claudia has enjoyed a successful career in media working her way through the roles of journalist, editor and public relations executive, to managing her own international Public Relations company, Australian American Media. She has staged everything from a rock concert with Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel), to managing Time Magazine's sponsorship of the Commonwealth Games in Auckland, New Zealand, to a Hollywood Film Premiere for Who Weekly in Los Angeles.

Claudia was responsible for launching Australian icons Foster's Lager (with Paul Hogan), and Ken Done in America. In 1998 Claudia launched the first Women's Poll in Australian history, and also won a PRIA Award (Public Relations Institute of Australia) for Excellence through the national Body Image Campaign titled "International No Diet Day".

Claudia withdrew from managing Australian American Media to concentrate on the development and management of motherInc. She is the mother of 15-year-old Callan.

Claudia was honoured with the award of the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) on January 26th, 2009 for service to the community through raising awareness of the issues surrounding the roles of women in the workforce and at home.


motherInc advisors


Jackie is an experienced educator having spent over 24 years teaching in both the public and private sectors. Jackie has always been motivated to help children get the most out of their school years and was often found spending her lunchtimes and after school time counselling students, training debating teams, extending the gifted, helping advance remedial students or producing school musicals. Year after year parents made special requests that their children be placed in Jackie's class. Her interest in helping to extend students at both ends of the educational spectrum, led to Jackie studying for her Masters Degree in Education at Sydney University which she was awarded with Merit.

Jackie has specialised in researching how best to help children with emotional and learning problems as well as looking closely at the extension of gifted students.For 14 years Jackie not only taught in the classroom but spent her spare time producing large scale musicals with casts of over 60 students. During her 24 years of face to face teaching, Jackie has taught thousands of students and she still follows many of their careers with interest.


Catherine Saxelby is a freelance nutritionist and accredited dietitian, who is well known for her no-nonsense approach to the modern-day dilemma of how to eat healthy food within our fast food lifestyle. Her quest is to help busy people with little time to cook prepare meals that are nutritious, yet quick and easy to put together. She is currently Nutrition Editor of Healthy Food Guide magazine and makes regular radio and television appearances.

Catherine is the author of 9 books including Nutrition for Life, one of the most popular and enduring of nutrition books, currently in its fifth reprint with sales half a million. With Jennene Plummer, Food Director at Woman’s Day magazine, she has published Zest: the Nutrition for Life Cookbook offering quick healthy recipes that don’t take forever to cook. Her nutrition website was one of the first Australian sites devoted to healthy eating on the Internet.

She is passionate about writing on nutrition and making it easy to understand and easy to apply in our busy lives. She has received awards for her skills in nutrition communication from the Dietitians Association and the Food Media Club. Her special interest areas are healthy eating for busy people, general nutrition, functional foods, omega-3 fats and losing weight. To read more of Catherine’s healthy eating tips, go to


A senior clinical psychologist with 25 years experience in private practise, Amanda is the director of Sydney's successful Armchair Psychology Practice and is a former president of the Australian Psychological Society, a peak body which represents more than 16,000 psychologists. However, she is best known for her lively talk-back radio sessions on the ABC's Nightlife program with Tony Delroy and her columns in The Daily Telegraph and Good Medicine. Amanda specialises in relashionship counselling and her book, Amanda Gordon Talks About Relationships, covers a wide range of topics from coping with children through to retirement and everything in between.

When she is not working at her busy practice, the mother of two runs workshops at Sydney University's Centre for Continuing Education and works with the NSW Ambulance Service assisting workers deal with grief and loss.


Molly has more than 22 years experience in International Training, both as a Family Trainer and a Senior Corporate Trainer facilitating "cultural transformation" within organisations. A Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology, Molly spent eight years in community mental health in Seattle, Washington, specialising in crisis intervention; substance abuse and chronic disorders (Seattle, Wa.) After a stint in private practice, she moved into training, working in the United States, Hong Kong and Australia. She now lives in Sydney with her husband Peter and two sons, aged 14 and 16, and is founder and Director of Belle Invest, a women's investment group.

Motherhood's greatest challenge for me is learning to balance my needs and those of the family. In a house full of men, this can be an awesome challenge! I became involved with motherInc. because I believe it supports mothers on many diverse levels and there's a big need for that in today's world.


Susan has been involved in working to improve women's lives for her entire career. She has 15 years experience as a consultant determining the needs and best options for family friendly policies and programs in Australian workplaces. Susan has a Bachelor of Arts, and post graduate qualifications in Education and Business. She is currently undertaking a Masters of Arts in International Relations. Susan has been a member of the Premier's Council for Women for three and a half years and is currently the Deputy Chair of the Council.

Having for seven years run her own business which employed 50 staff, she has direct experience managing many different types of flexible work practices and family friendly programs. She is now a freelance consultant undertaking work in various areas of community services as well as her role of Employment Adviser to motherInc. Susan will host selected motherInc. Weekly Events focused on balancing family and work and securing family friendly work support. She will also play a hands-on role in the development of the motherInc. Employment business arm in late 2001.

Susan is the co-author of Time On Time Out, Flexible Working Solutions to Keep your Life in Balance, published in 1999 by Allen and Unwin. Susan is the mother of Barney, 9 and Eddy, 6. Her partner is Alan.


Prue was at the forefront of helping families find the right “work/life balance” before the phrase even became a headline grabber. With a background in child care, Prue worked tirelessly for Families at Work which she has run solely for more than 10 years. She has been a member of numerous government and non-government advisory boards, such as the NSW Government's Women in Business Mentor Program, as well as helping families find the right work/life balance through government policy formation, public speaking, consulting and writing.

She is also the National Deputy Convenor of the Australian Community Children's Services (ACCS), a peak organisation for all Australian community-owned children's services. As an advisor with motherinc., Prue will bring her vast experience on the best ways to balance work and family.


Cathie is an Honours Graduate from Sydney University's Medical Faculty with a Masters Degree in Family Medicine and a Certificate in Family Planning. She provides comprehensive general medical care, with a strong interest in Women's Health and Paediatrics (child health). Cathie is a qualified Lactation Consultant, and also provides regular talks at Early Childhood Health Centres for First Time Mother discussion groups. She also is a Clinical Lecturer - teaching Medical students of Sydney University. And all whilst being mother of five boys!! Cathie has many years of experience in juggling the demands of an active family with work hours which don't fit the traditional 9am-5pm time slot.


Parent-Infant Counsellor and specialist writer, Nichola came to both writing and counselling after her youngest son was born prematurely, requiring serious surgery in 1995. After being told that babies do not experience pain or trauma by medical staff, she was horrified to see the psychological changes her baby underwent as a result of his experiences. Five years of research into mother and baby trauma, a Master's degree in Counselling and experience with children and adolescents in residential settings later, Nichola is committed to helping parents and infants thrive in a difficult and complex world.

Nichola is currently in private practice in Sydney working with families who have infants from conception to age three. She works in the family home, helping parents with sleep and settling issues, stress management, finding support, toddler behaviour issues including tantrums and returning to work. Nichola's main focus is the relationship between parent and infant and her work aims to strengthen the bond to make the relationship more supportive for both. Recently, Nichola has begun mum and baby groups leading a small group of mums in discussions about the varied aspects of early mothering. She also has a substantial interest in helping parents and babies through the trauma of prematurity and illness. Nichola has been married for 12 years to Phil and has two sons of 9 and 6, both of whom are thankfully happy and well.


Andrew has owned and run a practice in Neutral Bay, Sydney for 20 years with an emphasis on comprehensive and cosmetic treatment based also on latest preventative techniques.

He graduated in 1980, University Western Australia with BDSc (Honours) After 3 years working in a cosmetic dental practice in Harley St, London UK, Andrew settling in Sydney. He is a member of many dental study groups and associations including The Internationally Recognised Pierre Fauchard Society. Andrew operates his family practice backed by a team of dentists, hygienists and highly trained auxiliaries.


A former national track champion, Steve is considered one of the three leading children's fitness instructors in the world and has been involved in the industry for almost 30 years. In 2000 he created and hosted the popular children's television show Gym Jam Club which aired nationally on Channel Nine until 2003. But his passion for getting children active extends beyond Australia. He has spoken professionally on the subject of childhood health and obesity in more than 15 countries and in 1995 was the first non-American to be awarded the prestigious International Fitness Instrctor of the Year award.

More recently, he is the creator of the Happy Fit Smart program designed to increase motor skills, confidence and learning which he believes leads to an overall enjoyment of being active and creates better self-esteem in children. Steve is also the Woman's Weekly Fitness Expert where he conducts family fitness and lifestyle makeovers.


Ms Megabyte's mission is to take the hard out of hardware, the science out of software and remove the fears and frustrations often associated with everyday technology. Having spent many years working with Microsoft in Australia and the UK, Mega has since spent her time advising high profile corporations and personal users how to get the most from their computers.

Mega regularly shares her everyday computing tips and tricks in the media. She's helped thousands of Australians embrace the technology, appearing regularly on 9am with David and Kim, GMA and The Today Show. Not to mention writing for various magazines like Womans Day and Womens Weekly. Ms Megabyte's recently re-released book, Conquer Your Computer is the best selling technology book in Australia and has been turned into an online lesson library.


The author of several best -selling parenting books including 'Sleeping Like a Baby', (Penguin 2006) 'Parenting By Heart' and '100 Ways to Calm the Crying' Pinky McKay is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Pinky is passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding to mother and child but also feels a strong sense of responsibility to support mothers who may have weaned their babies due to insurmountable difficulties. She is especially vocal about practices that are detrimental to breastfeeding outcomes and mother-infant bonding, such as rigid sleep and feeding regimes. Pinky says, "although much of this advice may seem sensible before you actually have a baby, it can play a significant role in premature weaning and also contributes to an enormous sense of failure when your baby doesn't easily fit the structure that is being imposed. Strict regimes have also been associated with failure to thrive infants and low weight gain. This is an added stress that no mother needs."

Pinky is the mother of four young adults and a 'bonus baby' (the baby you have when your other kids can run their own baths, tie their own shoelaces and even drive their own cars!). Her children were all breastfed for a number of years and, with a voice of experience, she reassures parents, "your baby may still want a breast when he's twenty-one - but it won't be yours!" For information about Pinky's books and classes, visit her website


Scott has had over five years experience juggling dad duties with jobs as a senior executive in the health and higher education sectors. His experience in corporate strategy, supported by contemporary post-graduate qualifications, has equipped him for the high pressure demands of being father to two girls.

In addition to his current executive position in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Sydney, he is also a Director on a child welfare agency and his daughters' kindy. He is also a first-class courier of children to sporting events, and gifted at reading children's stories.