Hygiene when you're on the move


A motherinc.com.au survey revealed almost all Australian adult women (89%) agree hand hygiene is important but still find many situations where handwashing is impossible or inconvenient - but there is a way!

While nine in ten women were concerned that daily tasks may transfer germs to their hands while interacting with their children, a majority of respondents also say there are typically between four and ten situations where they know they should wash their hands but do not*.

For example, only around one in four women said they always wash their hands after taking public transport, after touching public doors or when at picnics or barbecues.

Almost all respondents said an antibacterial handwash that does not require water and can be used anywhere at anytime would be a key factor in helping them kill germs on their hands when no water is available for regular handwashes.

One of the respondents was flight attendant and mother of one, Kirsty Thompson.

"Being a mum I worry about germs being on my hands before coming into contact with my daughter - and being a flight attendant I need to maintain good hand hygiene while on the move. Unfortunately, sometimes it is easier said than done, especially when convenience is important or where water is unavailable," said Mrs Thompson.

The results of the survey clearly identify the need for antibacterial handwashes that do not require water.

"After doing everyday things like going to the shops, playing in the park or changing nappies, I always had to wait until I got to a tap before I could clean my hands".

You can buy antibacterial handwash products at your local chemist - they are convenient and will kill 99% of germs, without the need for water - many comes in the right size for handbags, glove compartments as well as nappy bags.

* "Killing germs: How do you practice good hygiene at home?" a survey of 741 Australian mums conducted by http://www.motherinc.com.au, March 2007