Practical Childproofing Tips
girl at a safety gateBabies and toddlers are smart little creatures and they can get into things you never thought they could get into. Even after you have childproofed your home, he or she can still get past the things you’ve done.

Getting Down to the Child’s Level And Looking Around

Childproofing your house involves getting down to the child’s level and looking around to see what he or she can get into. It is only then that you can see the things that would interest a child and can look at the world from a different point of view. Remember, too, that children develop as they get older. Things they couldn’t do one day can be the very thing they are expert at a week later. Kids can even bring chairs over to dangerous areas, climb up and get into trouble. This means you have to think about latching even cupboards that are high up from baby’s reach.

It’s Also a Big Problem If You Have Older Children or Teens in The House

Teens, especially, don’t pick up after themselves and can leave small items, make up or other hazards around for a younger child to get into. Toddlers often claim that these items are their own and there can be fights over toys and items the teen left around. Imagine a toddler with a tube of lipstick and the damage he can do to himself or to the rest of the house “painting with it”. It can be tough to wrestle away an item from a toddler when he claims it as “mine”.

Such lessons around keeping things put up and away can be hard for a child or teen who isn’t used to having a baby around. It’s a good idea to remind teens that anything they leave behind could be torn up, broken, chewed apart, dropped, swallowed or even lost forever.

Have a special drawer to put items away in and make the door able to be locked so toddlers don’t get into them. Have a special chest for baby’s toys or keep a single lower shelf available for the baby to put his or her own treasures on. This makes the young toddler feel special—just like the teen they look up to. Toddlers often want to mimic their older siblings so such an arrangement can be a good one.

Your Toddler Needs Absolute Supervision No Matter What

No matter what you do, toddlers need absolute supervision regardless of how much childproofing you do. Childproofing is just the beginning of keeping children safe. Educating the child on what he or she cannot do is another aspect of the process. Remember that children evolve and you have to have new and different ways of protecting the child as he or she gets more active and mobile.