How to look after your buddy

Katrina with dogsBecoming a puppy owner is such an exciting time. Puppies are adorable and so much fun in their mischievous way – and they make the best buddies (just like the Space Buddies!). Puppies provide us with so much entertainment and pleasure but they are also a big commitment.

space buddies coverTo celebrate the release of SPACE BUDDIES on Disney Blu-ray and DVD from 1 July, we asked Dr Katrina Warren for her “Top Tips” on how best to keep your Buddy happy and healthy:

HEALTHY DIET - Like humans, a puppy needs a balanced diet. I recommend a good quality commercial dry food. Bones are great for teeth and gums but they must always be raw and not cooked.

MENTAL HEALTH- A healthy dog is one who receives plenty of physical and mental stimulation. A dog likes to have things to do – training sessions are a great way to get you pups brain working and be sure to provide lots of safe toys to play with.

TRAINING - A dog that has basic obedience training is a delightful dog to be around. It is much easier to train a puppy than an adult dog and training can start from the moment you bring your buddy home. Enrol in puppy classes at your vet clinic or a training centre near you. Here your puppy will learn to socialise with other dogs and you will learn about puppy care and basic training.

GROOMING - All dogs require some grooming- how much will depend on the breed. Grooming time is quality time to spend with your dog and gives you a chance to check him over at the same time. Get puppies used to being groomed by gently brushing all over with a soft brush. Be sure to check and clean inside ears too.

NAILS - Dogs’ nails continue to grow and unless they pounding the pavements daily, they will likely need regular trimming.

DENTAL CARE - Regular attention should be given to dental care, as gum disease is very common in dogs. Some hard dry food should be included in your dog’s diet as this will help clean the teeth. You can also teach your dog to have his teeth brushed regularly- this is best taught from puppy hood.

EXERCISE – all dogs need exercise and just like humans can become overweight if they don’t receive enough. They can also become bored and destructive. It is important not to over exercise puppies as their bones and joints are still developing, so avoid running and jumping while they are little.

VACCINATIONS AND WORMING it is essential that your puppy receives a series of vaccinations and is wormed regularly. Your visit to the vet is also a time for you to discuss any concerns and ask questions about things like fleas, diet, training etcspace buddies logo

And of course, most importantly I recommend LOVE – lots and lots of it! Giving your buddy lots of love, hugs, pats and affection is not only great for your dog but good for you too!