Yoga for Kids with Special Needs

boy preparing to do yogaAs any parent who has a child with special needs child will tell you, often doing even the simplest things can be difficult and cause stress for both the child and the parent. Vast amounts of time and energy can be spent on managing behaviour and searching for ways to improve the child’s quality of life.

So anything that helps is most definitely welcomed.

Yoga and your child

That’s where Yoga has been doing wonders, with research showing that it improves the health, wellbeing and lives of children with Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder and other learning difficulties.

“Yoga is wonderful for kids who are experiencing developmental delays and have special needs,” says Debra McCormick who is Australia’s only Chopra Centre Certified Ayurvedic Master, Certified Practitioner for the Yoga for the Special Child Program and creator of Epona Yoga for children.

“The style of Yoga for children with special needs is gentle and therapeutic and suitable for all children, including babies. Children with physical mobility are also able to do the Yoga poses to the best of their ability as Yoga doesn’t have to be perfect to work on calming, stretching, and moving their bodies. And it’s a great confidence booster.”

Yoga is also recognised for helping children with cancer. “Yoga helps children connect to their imagination. Moving through each pose creates a space for children to open up and have fun, while also learning about their sense of self. This often results in great bouts of laughter and joy, and as much research has shown us, laughter truly is the best medicine.”

How Yoga can help:

  • Helps break through barriers to learning and communication
  • Each pose aids the child in learning body awareness, while also releasing their bodies of any stress or tension
  • Teaches children to accomplish new challenges using step by step learning methods
  • Helps children who are constantly on the go by teaching ways to slow down, be calm and relax
  • Improves concentration and is a way to express any agitation or anger

Doing Yoga with your child is a fantastic family activity

Any child, regardless of their physical mobility, can do Yoga as you they how to move into each pose in a way that is best suited for them.

Yoga for the whole family

The Epona Yoga program Debra has created helps maximise children’s health and wellbeing, and is also excellent for teaching children with special needs. And even better, the program can be used at home.

“The program has been developed so the child or parent, or both, can practice Yoga anywhere, any time,” says Debra. “It is suitable for all children, including children with special needs and children with cancer and other illnesses, and has been getting some pretty terrific results. Feedback from parents has been truly heartwarming.”

It’s fabulous and fun and is helping special kids lead extra special lives too.

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