What dads really want for Father's day

Gift choices for 21st Century dads are gadgets of the technical kind.

In fact anything technical tops the list according the results of our survey which also confirmed just how much times have changed with less than 1 per cent of Dads requesting the traditional socks n' jocks, hankies or a shaver as a gift this Father's Day!

Spending quality time with the family and visiting relatives is what most dads are expecting to do for Father's Day. But Dads still love their toys with many dads believing they'll receive their ideal gift of Hifi and gadgets.

In a survey we conducted almost 500 dads we found

"Less than 1 per cent of Dads want the traditional gift of socks, jocks or a shaver."

Around a third of fathers surveyed said their ideal gift would be gadgets/hifi or home theatre related presents; and 31 per cent didn't mind what they got. Around 16 per cent would just love some 'time out' to do what they like while less than 1 per cent want the traditional gift of socks, jocks or a shaver.

When asked what they think they'll get for Father's Day this year 21 per cent believe they'll receive Hifi/technical gadgets while almost 20 per cent of dads said they are expecting the traditional "socks, ties. clothes or shavers" present. Over 20 per cent believe they'll be getting the 'time- out' they'd like.

Interestingly the survey showed that dads are seeking that same 'time out' often craved by mothers. But unlike mothers who would generally like breakfast in bed or flowers, most boys still love their gadgets!

Spending quality time with the family is what most (62 per cent) dads do on Father's Day, with 27 per cent spending the day visiting relatives. Others spend the day watching movies, with just 8 per cent enjoying breakfast in bed.

The survey also showed that 65 per cent of men believe they spend as much effort on their wives/partners for Mothers Day as their wives/partners do for them Father's Day.

"A sad two per cent of dads don't get any thing at all, so don't forget to do something special this Father's Day," said Jay Sayed, Tomorrows Home.

The poll, conducted by www.motherinc.com.au and Sydney Home Theatre store "Tomorrow's Home", ran in August 2007 and surveyed almost 500 dads