Playhouse Disney DVD Reviews
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In May we invited our VIP motherInc members to email us if they wanted to be involved in reviewing the latest Playhouse Disney DVDs. Many parents responded, and this month we're sharing some of the comments from the 15 lucky mums who were chosen to review the latest Playhouse Disney DVDs.

The latest Playhouse Disney DVD releases reviewed:

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie
  • My Friends Tigger and Pooh: The Nature of Things
  • Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition

Disney wanted to know what the children love most, who is their favourite character, which parts made the children laugh, why the children love the Disney DVDs, what our VIP mums and their children get out of viewing the movies, and anything else our mums wanted to share about the latest Playhouse Disney DVDs. Here's what our reviewers said...

Alicia's comments:

Thank you for the opportunity to review the Playhouse Disney DVDs.

Firstly, Jake our 34-month-old was so excited when we received the DVDs, he spent over 10 minutes just looking at them and trying to work out which one we would watch first.

Little Einstein’s: Animal Expedition
This DVD initiated all sorts of conversations and activities with Ryan, our four and a half year old. We had a lengthy discussion on all of the countries they visited and we even looked them up on a map. We talked a lot about the fish in the ocean, why they were all different and which ones we thought were scary. Jake was simply mesmerised with all of the colours and sounds, particularly the musical instruments. They have both decided they now want to play the trumpet just like Quincy! Jake is a boy of few words but he can now say “Little Einsteins” very clearly now.

My Friends Tigger & Pooh: The Nature of Things
Tigger is definitely the favourite character for both of them especially when he bounces on his tail. They just loved the echoing in the cave – they both laughed and laughed and we all had to do our own echoing. They loved to join in as Super Sleuths and they now want their own scooters! We had a big discussion about how Pooh and friends help each other out when they get into trouble. There were lots of good lessons learned from this DVD.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie
Mickey Mouse is the overall winner here. They are both desperate to go into Mickey’s Clubhouse. “Meeska Mooska” is now a favourite saying in our house. Ryan particularly liked the amazing inventions at Mickey’s Clubhouse and wanted to know how they were built and “who built them”? This DVD was full of great problem solving which got them both thinking and participating. The carnival was definitely their favourite part. They were so amazed when it all just appeared at the turn of a handle.


I love the Fast Play feature. This is so sensible because kids just cannot wait for a DVD to start.

They were all very interactive and it was very encouraging to hear both of my boys shouting out answers to Mickey’s questions, helping Rocket speed up, dancing and singing along. All of the characters were well known to them both.

From a parent’s point of view

I must admit that I am guilty of using DVDs as a babysitter; I use that time to catch up on some housework, make some phone calls, read the paper, etc. I was certainly amazed how much we all got out of it as we watched them together. Normally the kids are pretty quiet when they watch DVDs but watching the Playhouse Disney DVDs together was totally a different experience. They asked so many questions and wanted to know what things were for (e.g. the gong in Mickey Mouse). We sang the tunes together, did some little dances and encouraged each other to answer the questions. It was amazing. Thank you again for the opportunity.


Angela's comments:

We had to watch Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition twice yesterday and wanted to watch it again. My son loves all of the characters, but I would say that his favourite is Leo because we have to role play and he is Leo and I am June. I love how he answers the TV and gets involved in what they are doing.

I finally convinced him this morning to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie and once again he sat down and watched it (giving me a chance to do what mum's do). He was interactive with this DVD too by answering the characters questions. He has never watched a Minnie or Mickey DVD so it was good to show him something new.


Cate's comments:

Thank you so much for the DVD's, both of my sons love them!!! They are 23-months and three years of age. They both loved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie the best. They find the stories fun and exciting and love being little detectives! They love all the characters, even cheeky Pete.

My youngest one also loved My Friends Tigger and Pooh: The Nature of Things. He loves all of the adventures Pooh gets into, loves the episode about the echo and how Piglet thought that someone was lost in the cave.

Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition was good too, but less of a hit when Mickey and Winnie the Pooh are on offer!!


Clare's comments:

Things I liked:
I liked the learning element of the adventures such as the shapes fractions, etc. I felt that this is good for my two and a half year old but would also be good for when they get older.

I also enjoyed the format of the adventures.

We both liked the length of the episodes; enough time to keep the kids entertained and enough time to allow me to do something like make lunch or dinner.

I also have a seven month old boy who was crying when I put it on, as soon as the characters started talking, he stopped crying and was mesmerised!


Debra's comments:

I have to say that I was amazed at how interactive Little Einstein’s: Animal Expedition was. My three and a half year old was really getting into being asked to repeat words. He loved helping them explore and find things. I was blown away by him being able to say big and difficult words and words in other languages - they seemed to roll off his tongue even though it was the first time he had heard the words and spoken them. Also, the use of matching sounds was really appealing to him. He felt very special knowing when he heard a French horn that sounded the same as the French horn they were trying to match. I liked the use of Mozart's music and the mild and subtle inclusion of other artists.

My Friends Tigger and Pooh Nature of Things is so much fun for the kids. Both of my boys were playing along in the living room, using their imagination, really getting into the stories. The stories were long enough to keep them entertained without being too short or too long. Singing and dancing along with the music was a favourite part for my 20-month old. It's very cute that now when my kids want some food they tell me they have a 'rumbly tummy'. Along with the originals, Buster is a firm favourite ... my boys love puppies! I love how the stories are very inclusive (a style of show that is used across the Playhouse Disney shows) and also how the content focuses on issues that are age specific for the target audience. It was a great way to help explain what an echo is, for example. Watching the shows with the boys enabled me to talk to them about that they were seeing and also for me to understand how they perceive things. The boys felt really important being able to help solve a problem with their Disney friends.

It's really nice to have shows that are nice, happy and innocent for my children to watch. I am never concerned about the content of Playhouse Disney productions as I know they are specifically geared for the younger audiences. I love the interaction, the fact that it is not just a passive exercise watching the shows, but rather that the children are learning and being included in the experiences of the characters and show as a whole. All in all, the Playhouse Disney titles are a positive and fun bit of entertainment that touches on education. I like the innocent experiences the kids can have with Disney.


Emmi's comments:

Their favourite has to be Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie - they have only watched the DVD about a hundred times since receiving it! Their second favourite is My Friends Tigger and Pooh: The Nature of Things, and last but not least, Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition.

They loved the adventures, and I love them watching it as it re-enforces good morals and values teaching them kindness, friendship, and togetherness (working as a team).

A number of things made them laugh, however I think they laughed the most with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie, when Pete had taken all the party hats, and he really was tricking them so they could have a party! Especially the part when Goofy made the wish that they would be friends forever and said, “See it came true!”

Thanks again for the DVD's, we sure did enjoy them!


Julie's comments:

Thanks to Disney for the three DVDs. My 27-month old daughter and I loved watching them. She was captivated by all the DVDs, really glued to the screen.

Little Einstein: Animal Expedition

She is familiar with this show as she occasionally watches it on TV. She clapped along with the audience at the end of each episode. She shrieked with delight when the elephant came out of an egg – this was definitely her favourite bit. She gets very excited and copies the characters when they pat their laps to get the rocket ship powered up. At one point the rocket ship went ‘Superfast’ and she was shouting ‘look at me’ and whooping with excitement!!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie

She is only familiar with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse as she has some of their toys. She was a lot more active and verbal whilst watching this DVD. She loved copying all the dancing and was trying to sing along – including to the Hot Dog dance at the end of each episode. She joined in with the magic words to make the Clubhouse appear and she counted out loud along with Mickey when the petting animals were found. She enjoyed answering the easier questions during the programs but she couldn’t do the recap questions at the end of each show. In ‘Secret Spy Daisy’ she got the wrong answer and looked quite confused (picked the blue rope instead of the red one).

She laughed when the characters were doing their elephant impressions. She loved the Friendship Party as she loves parties. She was very excited by the candles and blowing them out.

I have great difficulty getting her to drink milk, but she downed a whole glass whilst watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie so I was very pleased indeed!

My Friends Tigger and Pooh: The Nature of Things

She is familiar with the books, but not the TV show. She was a bit more subdued whilst watching this DVD compared to the others. On one episode Pooh is stuck in a cave and Scarlett was quite disappointed not to see him. When he finally came on screen she was delighted. She gets very excited every time Pooh eats honey! Pooh is definitely her favourite character.

We are off to England next week and I really hope Qantas have some of these Disney shows on TV to keep my little girl entertained during the long flight!

With thanks and best wishes, Julie and Scarlett


Maria's comments:

As a working mum of two – two and a half year old son Leo and eight-month girl, Aly – we have pretty busy mornings during the week. Following some advice from a friend, I started getting my son out of bed early in the morning and putting on a DVD so that he could start waking up and by the time I was ready, he’d be wide awake and easier to deal with. Then we got your Disney Playhouse DVDs in and they added so much to our morning routines! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie was relatively new to him as was My Friends Tigger and Pooh: The Nature of Things and Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition, but let me tell you they were well received! He loved Goofy and the ‘hot diggity dog’ song from Detective Minnie. I would catch him wiggling his little body when they all danced and he would just sit smack in front of the TV and look up at the screen in total awe! He loves My Friends Tigger and Pooh and the ‘lost tooth’ episode as well!

Now, although her attention span is not that long, my baby Aly likes to listen to the songs and watch her brother dance around. She has no idea what she’s watching but she has figured out that the tiny stuffed Pooh Bear doll she has looks like what’s on the TV and you should have seen her eyes light up when she saw her ‘doll’ talking on the TV! That was so cute.

All in all, My Friends Tigger and Pooh: The Nature of Things has been the favourite in our house! I personally liked how the DVD only goes for about an hour as well.

These DVDs have brought a bit of variety to our morning routine, not to mention lowering my stress level in the mornings! They have been so lovely and fun and have made my kids dance and laugh and want to brush their teeth even more! I am so thankful that we had an opportunity to expose my kids to Mickey and Pooh as they were my childhood favourites! Thanks again for these wonderful DVDs! I also want to mention that as a mum, the content and the lessons from the Playhouse Disney characters are absolutely fantastic. It’s really comforting knowing that childhood lessons on friendship, problem solving and so forth are being reinforced from program to program! I’m just thrilled with all of it.

I’m sure they will keep my kids dancing for quite some time!


Shaylee's comments:

We have already watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie three times since receiving the DVDs! My eldest is three and a half years and she just loves it. We don't have Foxtel so this show is new to us and it’s very refreshing. She is already joining in with the catch phrases, counting along and playing an active part in the adventure. My youngest, who is one and a half, loves it too. She is learning the new song and copying the dance moves - classic to watch her!

I like it because they don't play stereotypical roles - even in the title as Minnie is the Detective! Take a back seat this time around Mickey!


Terri's comments:

Georgia's fav dvd was My friends tigger and pooh and her fav character is buster pooh and piglet and ur fav story was The nature of things - episode Darby's tooth and nothing but the tooth, her 2nd fav was snow problem, Roo. Fav character was Piglet and Tigger and Roo. ( Georgia is 9 so she is into the older Disney stuff but enjoyed pooh and friends as they have been her fav's since she was a baby)

Charlotte's (Charli's) fav was Mickey Mouse - and her fav character is Superspy Daisy and her fav story was Detective Minnie - secret spy Daisy Charli's 2nd fav was little einsteins episode  Duck Duck June and her fav character was Rocket J


Cathy's comments:

Thanks so much for the opportunity to review these DVDs.  I hope the comments will still be useful as we really do appreciate being a part of your reviewing process.

These are the comments from my sister whose children I gave the DVD's to:

"My daughter Madison (4) and son Jonathan (3) love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.   We watch episodes on Playhouse Disney all the time.  Madison's favourite is Minnie and Jonathan's is Mickey although Donald's antics make them laugh frequently and very loudly.

Their favourite episode in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie, on this DVD was definitely The Friendship Team, especially as they hadn't seen it previously.  My kids love parties, so watching their favourite characters painting and decorating and preparing for a party in this episode was just wonderful!  Their favourite part was when they found all the party hats that Pete was using as a trail to guide the friends to the place where he had prepared a party for them.  Smiles were from ear to ear right through this episode!  As usual, they also loved singing along to the theme song and doing the Hotdog Dance at the end.

With regard to The Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition, we love the music and the kids seem to really respond to the educational aspects of the episodes absorbing all they are being taught.  Big favourites are when they mention or show something that is Australian.  It makes them point it out to me to show that they know what it is or perhaps because it makes them feel like a part of them is in the show.  They don't really have a favourite character; they just enjoy listening to whoever is leading each episode.

Lastly, with regard to My Friends Tigger and Pooh: The Nature of Things, they really enjoy watching the episodes but, like Little Einstein's, they aren't particularly drawn to any episode or character specifically (although Tigger does make them laugh).

In general, I think the reason my children respond so well to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is that the structure is fairly consistent throughout each episode so they know what to expect.  They also like to answer the questions asked of them during the show as well as the different personalities of all of the characters involved.  They really enjoy the counting, music and colour and shape selections that they can participate in during each adventure and tend to continue on with themes in new episodes in their pretend play for days later.  It's also great to know that I can hear them learning and having fun while I get some of the necessary housework done."


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Detective Minnie, My Friends Tigger and Pooh: The Nature of Things, and Little Einsteins: Animal Expedition are all available on Disney DVD instore and from good retailers online from 3 June. These movies are designed to provide fun and discovery for 2-5 year olds and encourage children to learn about solving age-appropriate puzzles and tasks, to work with numbers and identify shapes all while having fun, enjoying music and following a storyline that they can relate to.