Have you ever been in love?

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Have you ever been in love? I have. Love for me was when I followed my heart and proposed marriage to my wife of 28 years after I had only known her for six weeks. I proposed on the same night that I asked her to be my steady girlfriend. Love grew and still continues to grow as the years unfold, bright years as we grow old together.

Love for me was also the birth of our first born child, a girl who we called Michelle. I looked down at her after she was born, this wee little girl in front of me, and I fell hopelessly and deeply in love with her, the love that only a man who’s a father can understand or experience. You see, although I loved my wife I had room in my heart for another to love; my daughter. There was room in my heart for her. As I gazed down at her it is now I realise that we were no longer a childless couple but were a family in every sense of the word.

My second born child was born several years later and we called him Marcus. I found room in my heart to love him too, as a father loves his child. Marcus turned out to be a special needs child and although I took it really hard when we found out about his disabilities I still loved him for he is my son and nothing will change that and I love him.

So what is this thing called love for me? Love for me is the unbreakable bond between husband and wife, between father and daughter and between father and son.