Five ways with Bolognaise

It's official - according a motherInc poll!

Spaghetti bolognaise is the favourite home-cooked meal for mum's and kids alike.

We posed the question "What are Australian kids eating tonight?" and found 69 per cent of kids and 36 per cent of mums gave the Italian staple the thumbs up.

While many told us that whipping up a healthy choice was a top priority, a lack of ideas and time were the major struggles which worked against them for week night dinners. Another area of concern was how to get varieties of both red meat and veggies on the table - and eaten!

So this month the Heart Foundation Tick has decided to help mums combat the lack of time and ideas, and create healthier dinners - all with the number one family favourite.

Bolognaise sauce is the perfect cover for secretly boosting up the veggie count. Just finely grate some mushroom, zucchini, carrot, eggplant or even finely chop some celery and add to meat mixture while it's simmering.

It's one of those great staples that gets better with time. You can whip a batch up on the weekend, freeze it and reheat on those nights you just don't have time or energy to cook.

But if the thought of another spag bol night just doesn't get the cheers you're after, try these ‘5 Ways with Bolognaise' from Tick, to help give new life to those leftovers - (and remember to help you prepare a healthier meal, there are Tick approved products for all these extra ingredients):

  1. Cross the Mediterranean and create a moussaka. Spray thin slices of eggplant with olive oil spray and lightly grill or BBQ. Then alternately layer eggplant and bolognaise in a baking dish and top with final layer of bolognaise and a sprinkling of a ricotta and grated tasty cheese;

  2. Add cumin (about ½ tsp or to taste) and a tin of kidney beans for a quick taco or burrito mix. Kids can Save build their own tacos adding lettuce, chopped fresh tomatoes, natural yoghurt and shredded cheese;

  3. Spoon bolognaise over a baked potato (skin on) or roasted pumpkin, top with a grated cheese and serve with steamed greens or a salad;

  4. Winter is the season for comfort food, so for a quick and easy cottage pie, add some fresh or frozen peas to the sauce, spoon into a pie dish or small ramekin for kid-size portions and top with mashed potato. Brush top with a little milk and pop in a hot oven for a few minutes until heated through and golden on top;

  5. And finally, when you're stuck for a something to warm you up after a cold morning on the sporting field this weekend, bolognaise makes a really delicious jaffle or toasted sandwich filling. Remember to chose Tick approved bread as - it makes the grade for salt and fibre!

If you need a little help when doing your shopping list, click on the link below to find the Tick shopping list which has all the Tick approved alternatives.

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