Healthy Lunchboxes

A recent Naturo® Healthy Lunchbox Survey revealed that 84% of mothers believe giving their children fruit as part of their daily school lunchbox is extremely important.

However, almost 1 in 3 mothers (32%) found it difficult to get their child to eat the fruit, with 38% of kids not liking its taste and almost two thirds (65%) choosing to purchase a snack from the school canteen or tuck shop.

Naturo® fruit bars and sticks offer a tasty, convenient and nutritious solution for the new school year!

Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Geraldine Georgeou, believes the survey highlights a modern challenge faced by mothers in packing a healthy and nutritious lunchbox for their kids based on current guidelines of 1 to 2 serves of fruit per day for children1.

“All mothers want to send their children to school with a healthy and nutritious lunchbox to help them stay healthy, alert and energetic. However, kids will be kids and they tend to sway towards snack foods.

Geraldine Georgeou“Snacks made from real fruit that are free from added sugars and sulphur can help mothers give their child an attractive treat that constitutes a recommended daily serve of fruit”, said Geraldine.

To help mothers provide a healthy lunchbox, Geraldine has given her support to developing the Naturo Top Ten Lunchbox Tips in time for back-to-school.

“The best lunch is one that’s nutritious and quick to prepare, but also fun and easy to eat. Use these tips to make your lunch boxes healthy and exciting,” said Geraldine.

  1. Use high fibre breads (wholegrain, low GI), if it is difficult for your kids to eat wholegrain, opt for high fibre white bread
  2. Try to avoid using butter or margarine on sandwiches, or spread it lightly
  3. Add colourful foods to your child’s lunch like fresh fruit and veggies each day
  4. Avoid high fat, sugar, sodium snacks in your kid’s lunch boxes
  5. Use lean cooked meats rather than sausages, salami or devon
  6. Get your child involved in lunch preparation – help them to create their own sandwich
  7. Substitute high sugar chocolate, snack or muesli bars with a real fruit bar or stick
  8. Keep an ice brick or frozen drink in your kid’s lunch box to avoid food spoilage and food poisoning
  9. The four important items to have in a lunch box everyday: carbohydrate, protein, fruit and vegetables, drinks
  10. Make sure your kids go to school with a water bottle to help them rehydrate throughout the day




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Naturo® natural fruit bars and sticks are made with nothing, but nothing, but nothing but fruit! Each Naturo® bar and stick is made from real fruit and is equivalent to one recommended daily serve (including roughage). They contain no added sugar, no preservatives, gluten free, sulphur free, are great for lunchboxes and perfect for keeping in the car or office desks

Naturo® uses only the finest, naturally sun ripened fruit, which are picked at the peak of their sweetness to make Naturo® bars and sticks the closest thing to eating actual fruit.

Naturo® bars also have a GI Index of less than 40 which makes them ideal for people watching their weight or people with diabetes. Because of these reasons, a nutritional institute (CTFRI) recommends Naturo® for Antarctic expedition teams!