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This year, for the first time, genetically engineered (GE) canola will enter find its way into common food products in Australia - foods like pasta sauces, breads, cakes, baby food, oils and margarines. This is because NSW and Victoria have started commercially growing small amounts of GE canola.

Opinion polls show the majority of consumers don't want to eat GE food and 90 per cent want it labelled. Australia currently has limited labelling laws for GE foods, which is where the Greenpeace 2010 Truefood Guide comes in handy.

Launched by food author Margaret Fulton, Sydney chef Martin Boetz and Lord Mayor of Sydney Clover Moore, the Truefood Guide rates over 1000 of Australia's top food and beverage brands for the presence of GE ingredients.

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The guide is endorsed by a growing number of nutritionalists, chefs, farmers, scientists, doctors and community groups. It is the only comprehensive shopping guide that empowers Australians to avoid GE food. Since the release of the first Truefood Guide in 2003, more than half of Australia's top food brands have committed to non-GE policies.

The Guide is available for download at or you can order a free convenient wallet-sized hard copy by phoning 1800 815 151.

Greenpeace GE campaigner Rochelle Porteous said, "Genetically engineered food has not been proven safe to eat and almost all GE foods aren't labelled. So our families are taking part in a giant, uncontrolled experiment. But people can vote with their wallet to choose non-GE food."

Fran Murrell, spokesperson for community group MADGE (Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering) says, "Every day people can make a decision to either buy GE food or not. That's the quickest way to send a signal to the supermarkets that we are really concerned about this food and don't want to eat it. The most powerful people out there are mums, people who buy food."


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