Heart Foundation Tick - can you really trust it?

Between 97% fat free this, and lite, light and low carb that - when did shopping get so confusing?

Does 97% fat free mean a product is healthy? Says who?

Why are Mums expected to have a nutrition degree just to be confident about foods they put in the trolley?

Amid this confusion the Heart Foundation Tick understands why Mums can feel lost and unsure about making healthier choices.

So - we thought we'd take this opportunity to let you check Tick's own credentials. That way, when you pick up a carton of milk or loaf of bread with that familiar red and white Tick logo, you'll know exactly what you are getting.

The Heart Foundation provides the facts (not the latest fad) on healthy eating for Australians, and Tick's strict nutrition standards for every single Tick product on the supermarket shelf is based around these recommendations.

For almost two decades the Heart Foundation Tick Program has challenged companies to make healthier food choices - and with the shape of Australian's health today its role is more important than ever.

Unlike other spots and ticks you see on foods, the Tick logo means so much more than a mark on a packet designed to get your attention. It means the product has met strict standards for nutrition and labelling. Sometimes manufacturers are sent back to the drawing board time and time again, formulating and re-formulating their products, just to qualify.

Tick sets maximum amounts allowable for salt, kilojoules, saturated and trans fats, and minimum levels for fibre, calcium or protein. It even makes sure there's really fish in fish products and milk in "dairy desserts". It all depends on what's important for that food.

Does Tick charge a fee for companies wanting to be involved? Of course. For more than half the companies, it's just $3,000 and for others it's just a tiny percentage of sales of their Tick approved foods. Most importantly every cent goes towards keeping the standards tough, paying for random quality audits, and funding important research for the Heart Foundation.

So don't feel swamped in the supermarket by all those ticks, marks and claims. Just rely on the Heart Foundation Tick to quickly highlight healthier foods for all the family.

To learn more contact Heartline on 1300 362 787 or visit  www.heartfoundation.com.au/tick