Does your favourite biscuit earn the Tick?

When the children are at school or pre-school, you finally have the chance toyou're your feet up and enjoy a quiet coffee or tea with friends. The cuppa always tastes so much better with a sweet biscuit, but what about that New Year's resolution to eat healthier?

The Heart Foundation Tick knows that Australians love their biscuits - after all, we buy around 188* million packs of them a year. So the Heart Foundation challenged biscuit makers to bake healthier sweet biscuits, with tougher standards for kilojoules, salt, saturated and trans fat, and fibre.

Arnott's was the first to answer the challenge, reformulating some of the Snack Right range and passing independent tests to prove they meet the Heart Foundation's strict nutrition standards and deserve the Tick.

You'll now find the familiar Tick logo on six different fruit-filled Snack Right biscuits in either slice or pillow varieties in the biscuit aisle of your supermarket. They're easy to spot, as Snack Right is currently the only sweet biscuit brand to carry the Tick.

So, how can a sweet biscuit earn the Heart Foundation Tick? The Heart Foundation experts took into account latest nutrition science and technology, the role of biscuits in our diet, and government nutrition guidelines, in developing a set of nutrition standards specific for sweet biscuits.

While many biscuits sold in Australia today meet one or two of the Heart Foundation's nutrition standards (eg saturated fat or salt), the real challenge for a biscuit is meeting all the standards. Independent tests make sure of it!

Here's the sort of ‘workout' sweet biscuits face to earn the Tick:

  • Kilojoules - sweet biscuits with the Tick have less than 600 kJ/ serve, which is the level recommended for snack or ‘extras foods' in The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. In the case of Snack Right biscuits with the Tick, a serve is two pillows or three slices;
  • Saturated and trans fat - sweet biscuits with the Tick are lower in saturated fat and have no trans fat. The Heart Foundation recommends that saturated fat plus trans fat should be no more than eight per cent of total energy intake.
  • Fibre - as biscuits are a grain-based food, it's important to ensure they provide fibre. Fibre provides fullness which can help limit excess food and kilojoule intake, so it's doubly important in a snack food like biscuits. Snack Right biscuits with the Tick contain at least 1.5g fibre per serve, and that's two to three times the fibre of many sweet biscuits sold today.
  • Salt - some sweet biscuits can have surprising amounts of salt. The Tick continues to tighten salt standards across a range of foods we eat, including all biscuits.

For mums in particular, a healthier snack like a Tick biscuit can be useful when:

  • You're having trouble getting enough fibre into your family's daily eating plan and need to make every snack count.
  • You're looking for a healthier sweet treat for your child's lunchbox or after school snack.

So, go on! You can keep that New Year's resolution and enjoy a Snack Right biscuit with your cuppa!

* 188 million packets were purchased in 2006 according to AC Nielsen 2006