Half my size
Diet's don't work is the conclusion author & TV/Radio broadcaster Susie Elelman has come to after finally winning her battle of the bulge.

Susie's literally half her size having carved a whopping 50 plus kilograms off what she comically refers to as her chassis and is even prouder that she's managed to kept it off for over 7 years.

"I've lost more than Posh Spice weighs" she quips,

"which would probably equate to the Olsen twins".

"I finally realised that I had to start valuing my body like a prized possession. A close friend refers to her body as a Temple but I'm always reminded of that fabulous Indiana Jones movie The Temple of Doom so instead I began to compare my body to a car."

It was this motoring analogy that allowed Susie to separate her head from her heart and to visualise her dream car size & shape - a red Mercedes Benz convertible with the top down in summer.

She carries this fun car theme throughout her best selling book Half My Size - The Thinking Person's Diet (New Holland) where she takes us on her own self-deprecating roller coaster ride of weight control.

At her biggest Susie describes herself as looking like an 18 wheeler, but as her size 22 frame began to diminish she felt she was looking more like a 5 door Tarago. Susie was thrilled when she got down to a Size 14 and was developing more of a sedan shape even if her model seemed to come with extra boot space and a deflating spare tyre around her waist.

Now between a Size 10 - 12 Susie has reached her dream car size and shape. Her weight can still fluctuate sometimes but only by a dress size between seasons.

Susie's 10 Top Tips to Success

  • Don't weigh yourself - muscle weighs heavier than fat, use your waist measurement as a guide and a goal to work towards
  • Fail to Plan - Plan to Fail - most busy mums never seem to find time for themselves, living well takes preparation, planning & good time management.
  • Food Fuel mix - watch your intake of leaded and unleaded (bad & good) fats & choose low octane (whole fruit, salad, vegetables, whole grains) over high octane (sugar, white flour, soft drinks, fruit juice, carbohydrates).
  • Exercise regularly - and if you add sex you can double the results!
  • Baby Steps - introduce these lifestyle changes gradually into your routine and you'll be more inclined to adopt them permanently.
  • Self First - is not being selfish. If you don't look after your body, where will you live?
  • Keep a logbook - monitor your food fuel intake and how much you're burning off with exercise. Be honest!
  • Eat breakfast - The most important meal of the day. If you don't break/fast then your body will go into what's called The Famine Response & store what you eat. If you're never hungry in the morning then try eating less or earlier the night before.

Having spent most of her career on television, Susie's had a very public battle with her weight including the humiliating experience of making WHO Magazine's ‘Worst & Best Dressed List' more than once.

"Almost 70% of Australian men and almost 50% of Australian women are either obese or overweight. That equates to over 7 million Aussie adults or the combined populations of Sydney & Melbourne. If that's not alarming enough, child obesity is around 25% and if this rate continues into adulthood then this will be the first generation who won't outlive their parents. Apparently we are now only 4% behind the US in being the most obese nation on Earth." Susie hastens to add that she used to be part of those shocking statisticsHer media highlights include spending 8 & half years on Good Morning Australia alongside her friend and mentor Bert Newton. Susie loved going head to head with Stan Zemanek on Beauty & the Beast. Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Whoopi Goldberg, Audrey Hepburn, Kylie Minogue and George Clooney are just some of the celebrities she has interviewed.

"Bert has no peers; he is the most generous performer, a genius whose comic timing is second to none. It was an honour to work with him."

Bert has lots of praise for Susie too describing her as the most versatile, informed and professional person in Australian media today and calling her an ‘angel with attitude' in the foreword of her book Half My Size.

Susie understands only too well that a weight control journey can often be a bumpy rocky road and has found easy ways to avoid or minimise the potholes we encounter along our road to success. Emotional eating can have an adverse impact on a successful outcome, along with willpower, self-esteem, shift work and portion control.

Self-doubt can often undermine your willpower and resolve so Susie suggests that you tune your inner radio to WII-FM and ask yourself ‘What's In It For Me'. Then take the handbrake off and see what you can do!

Half My Size - the Thinking Person's Diet (New Holland) available at Borders and selected bookstores nationally.