Why red meat is so important for health

According to Dr Cathie Anderson, mother of 5 boys and Medical Advisor to motherinc.com.au, an increasing number of mums and children are showing signs of iron deficiency.  Parents are exhausted and children are tired with poor concentration levels.

The frantic juggle of first term school sports, music lessons as well as an increasing level of school commitments mean a healthy and nutritional eating plan can fall off the priority list.

Are you struggling to sustain sanity?

Are your children:

  • Lethargic after school, too tired for active play?
  • Picking fights with you, siblings, or friends?
  • Inspiring comments from teachers about poor concentration or lack of attentiveness in class?
  • Grumpy first thing in the morning?
  • Fighting frequent infections?
Are you or your partner:
  • Losing energy mid-afternoon?
  • Having trouble concentrating at work?
  • Finding it difficult to get out of bed each day?
  • Struggling with everyday tasks that are usually a breeze?
  • Continually adding things to the to-do list that never get done?
If you answered yes to three or more questions from either section you may want to consult your doctor or accredited practising dietician (APD) about changing your diet to include more energy sustaining nutrients.

Dr. Cathie cautions that proper nutrition is often forgotten in the daily rush as busy parents turn to quick fixes to beat fatigue.

"While energy drinks and high GI* snacks provide a fast-fix, they also lead to a subsequent crash in energy levels as the body acts to regulate sugar levels. This is a recipe for exhaustion and the increased energy intake will also increase the risk of obesity for your child,"

"It is important parents understand they need to fuel their children with nutrient dense foods that will not only fill them up but keep them going all afternoon – vital for school age children who need to fuel the physical activities of the playground and the mental exertion of the classroom."

"I see it all the time in my practice; parents who are physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted coming in with children who are unable to concentrate at school and vary from hyperactive to exhaustion. This is an extraordinarily stressful time for parents and children and often the solution is as simple as looking at their diet.

"To sustain the household sanity, a diet rich in iron, zinc, and B12 is a must. In line with the Australian Dietary Guidelines, I recommend red meat three or four times a week as a proven way to deliver these 3 key vitality nutrients.

"Dr. Cathie recommends parents build rather than boost energy by preparing simple, delicious meals and snacks that provide a multitude of benefits, both physical and mental, so you – and your children – have the energy to squeeze a bit more enjoyment out of your day.

For inspiration, parents should look no further than www.themainmeal.com.au to view recipes submitted by Australian mums (and dads!) With ideas such as ‘Stop Lights’ (beef kebabs) and ‘Rollups’ the whole family will benefit.