What would make the ultimate family car?

Once there was a time……when I looked to my car to boost my ego - just a tad!

I couldn't afford the luxury car market, but it still had to feel great, look sporty and be slightly attention seeking!

Then I fell pregnant ….

...and so began the journey to find the perfect family car.

Perhaps it's not so much the car but the right "extras" which continue to elude me as I search for a vehicle which can also operate as a mobile home, office, sports locker and snackbar as well as a means of transport!

My car needs to be prepared for all occasions. I keep my packed gym bag, my son sports bags (for swimming, soccer and athletics), non-perishable snacks, juice, water and my briefcase in the car at all times! The minute items leave the laundry they go back into their backpack and into the car. My briefcase is my travelling office, the snacks avoid anticipated meltdowns from a tired and hungry 8 year-old who always forgets to eat. A wide variety of sports gear and a stream of turbo-charged kids squeeze in and out daily - the demands are extreme.

As a multi-tasking mum I do have a " shopping list" of suggested essentials as well as extras which would make life easier for me - as well as most other parents.

Starting with the essentials...

The car must be safe, comfortable, reliable, economical, spacious, have loads of compartments to house equipment for all my job-roles and of course a superb music system to take me to another planet - frequently!

The "extras" wishlist

  • A kill-switch for electronic windows to prevent fingers being crushed
  • Vomit deflectors (or stronger rubber seals) to protect open window jams.
  • A digital voice recorder to allow me to leave reminder messages to myself for my shopping list or work/family related activities.
  • Pull down tables on the rear of all front seats for little people to draw or snack from.
  • A built-in seat neck and shoulder massager.
  • A thermoelectric cooler.
  • A dustbuster - rechargeable through the cigarette lighter.
  • Kill the GPS (it talks) include a laminated street guide with a retractable chord - to ensure it won't leave the car!
  • A phone built into the dashboard, with voice activated calling capacity, as well as dead-easy push button dial and call pick-up facilities.

In a perfect world my "extras" list would also include a dog poo alarm, a sand filtering system an automatic security bubble (sound proofed) to surround the drivers seat and of course be a self-cleaning vehicle. An eject button for obnoxious children could also be considered a value-ad.

However - in the real world, car companies looking for that competitive advantage just need to provide a car with the essentials (listed above) and simple, easy-to-please extras. One or preferably a few of these accompanying a sale, would be appreciated by any discerning parent, happy to buy a reliable car from a company which is in-tune with our needs...

  • Car wash vouchers for 6 months
  • 1 x detailing within the first 12 months
  • 12 month membership to NRMA roadside assistance
  • Membership to Video-Ezy with 12 month discount privileges
  • 1 x St John's Ambulance First Aid Kit.
  • 2 x Airline Overnight Packs complete with brush, toothpaste, toothbrush, handwipes, soap, cologne, breath fresher, flannel and moisturising cream.
  • A picnic basket as well as Pizza Hut Vouchers.
  • 2 x walkmans with a small library (6) of CD's or tapes to keep kids occupied OR 2 x Game-Boys (economy car).
  • 1 x DVD player with 3 x movies and headphones for each rear seat (luxury car).

And finally - a room voucher at a family resort for a weekend in the country, to try out our new car AND of course another voucher for a half-day at a spa for me!