What mums want when choosing a car - poll results

The ever expanding role of modern mums now of course includes helping to choose the family car.

In a national survey of more than 760 mothers on www.motherinc.com.au we found almost all mums have a significant input into the purchase of the family car.

96 percent of women said they involved themselves in what was traditionally - a male domain just 20 years ago.

However, the survey also found that car salesmen and dealerships had failed to move with more family friendly times.

What Mums ALSO Want:

  • A car already set-up with a couple of kids seats in the back, in order for parents to trial the car without creating a hassle for staff - or the parents.
  • Childcare - A specified day or evening set aside where childcare is available for 30-60 minutes to enable parents child-free time with the sales person.
  • Simple entertainment on a selected weekend day with face-painting, balloons or a clown to distract and entertain the kids allowing parents time to really talk with the sales person.
  • A children's play area. Preferably fenced off, or a small room with a modest selection of toys or kids movie playing on rotation (kids like repetition!).


Motherinc.com.au founder, Claudia Keech, said it was clear that buying a car had become a family decision and it was important this was recognised by the industry.

"It is well known that mothers spend more time in the family car juggling the responsibilities of family, work and running a household and their concerns should be listened to," Claudia said.

Although women now have a major influence over what vehicle the family drives, 90 percent still found it necessary to take a male companion for support.

More than six in 10 mothers said they have felt intimidated by a sales person, left the negotiating to their male companion and felt they were told too much technical jargon.

Almost as many believed car dealerships should be more family friendly and virtually all felt cars should have more safety features.

  • 58% felt car dealerships should be more child friendly;
  • 38% of women were the negotiators;
  • 93% felt more emphasis should be placed on safety issues;
  • 78% used the internet to research cars;
  • 62% felt salespeople used too much technical jargon
  • 58% would like cars brought to their workplace for test-driving