Health retreat at home
The year is racing away, it's another bad hair "month" and a visit to a 5 star health retreat is just NOT on the agenda!  Because most of us can't get to a Health Retreat right now, motherInc. asked Australia's leading Health Retreat to provide a few tips to help create that "looking good, feeling great" attitude.

Create your own Health Retreat at home using the following tips.

Believe you have taken yourself away and each day, do at least ONE thing which benefits you and your health and well-being.

Top 10 tips to help you feel better every day

From The Golden Door Health Retreat by Naturopath Peter Rule and founder and national General Manager Brooke Ramage

  1. Spend at least one hour a day outdoors. Being indoors all day lowers serotonin levels. It is important to get out and about. Stop to smell the roses and enjoy a sunset regularly, it greatly improves your quality of life! Breathe deeply and breathe fresh air. Even 5 minutes can make a difference.
  2. Keep your diet balanced. (See the motherInc. Energy Quiz - click here).Good nutrition starts with eating a balanced diet and as many kinds of foods daily as you can. When you eat, slow down, enjoy your food and chew it well.The Golden Door Naturopath, Peter Rule says to choose a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and don’t overcook them. Also try to eat fish at least twice a week especially salmon or tuna. Good nutrition also means less saturated fat – limit sauces, gravies and margarine and remove or trim excess fat from animal products. Other focus points from Peter are to reduce caffeine and alcohol, but increase the amount of water you drink. Aim to have at least 2 litres daily and try to use a water filter.
  3. Practice relaxation. This can be in the form of gardening, meditation, tai chi, or reading a good novel – whatever you enjoy doing. It’s important to take time out. Sitting in front of the TV and reading a magazine at the same time is not relaxation, yoga or meditation or sitting in a quiet room with some relaxation music - is! Time out is vital to restore your energies and bring balance into your life. When you relax, try and really relax
  4. Enjoy a regular massage. Regular massage can help to keep your muscles and joints supple, to reduce tension and help eliminate toxins. Aim to have one each month if you can.
  5. Spoil yourself every now and then. Whether it be a weekend away or a couple of hours having beauty treatments, choose something that will make you feel really good. Plan for it and let yourself enjoy!
  6. Develop strong coping mechanisms. Find a balance by doing things that you enjoy, away from the environment that can cause you stress. This activity will be different for each person, but for example play some golf, go fishing, or perhaps enjoy a massage
  7. Do some regular exercise. Exercise gives you a natural sense of well being, and prevents you becoming tired and exhausted too easily from increases in adrenaline levels, so it is important to make physical activity habitual. If you find this difficult, find an activity that you really enjoy doing, and this will be much easier. This may mean that you need to try a few different things before you find what you like. That’s one of the reasons we do so many different types of activities at The Golden Door.  If you do have limited time, make sure to make this exercise most efficient by doing this at the most optimal time - before breakfast.
  8. Incorporate stretching into your daily routine. Many people have stiff and rigid muscles, but it only takes a few days to loosen up and enjoy stretching sessions.  Stretching should be done regularly and is easy to do: first thing in the morning when you get out of bed, after sitting or standing for long periods of time, for example driving, on a plane, sitting at a desk and after exercise when muscles are really warm.
  9. Start each day with a healthy breakfast. At least 5 days out of 7, make sure you have a substantial, healthy breakfast. The benefits of a healthy breakfast are well documented, particularly one that is low in fat, high in fibre, and has a low glycemic index. (The Golden Door hand made muesli, which is now available by mail order).
  10. Have fun with health!

Tips on how to look good

From Tara-Lee Cox, Spa Manager at The Golden Door

  1. Professional eyebrow shaping is like receiving a mini eye lift!
  2. Always fill in sparse brows with eye shadow, not pencil. It is much softer and natural.
  3. Buffed nails are a quick alternative to a full manicure or pedicure. Use one drop of baby oil and buff to beautify.
  4. Use tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 instead of full face foundation, not only will this look healthier, it will be healthier!
  5. More is not better when it comes to make up. Focus on your best feature (eyes or lips) and accentuate.
  6. Don’t underestimate the power of your eyelash curler – this opens and brightens eyes.
  7. Bronzer in natural skin tones to suit your colouring dusted all over lightly gives you that sun kissed glow. Use a shadow and blush all in one.
  8. Darker solid colours in your wardrobe slim and contour your body.
  9. Get your hair professionally trimmed every 6 weeks, and get a new style cut when you’re ready for a change. Once a year would be perfect – it’s an instant pick me up!
  10. Stand up tall and be proud of who you are. Look people in the eye and smile!

Photographs: The Golden Door Health Retreat.