Skin through the ages...taking care of you

What happens to the skin on our face in our 20’s, 30’s & 40’s?  Why do we get wrinkles?  How do we restore the balance?

Dr Adrian Lim, one of Australia’s leading Consultant Dermatologists shares his knowledge about our skin thru the ages.  These questions are an essential tool in the management of your most important asset – you!

In our 20’s

  • Change: Glow & succulence of youth (basking in hormones)
  • Good & Bad: Skin is at its most resilient and looks most youthful; May still be affected by tail end of adolescent acne; Complacency about skin care.
  • Simple measure: Moisturise and use sunscreen; Healthy, balanced diet, exercise with adequate fluid intake
  • Non-invasive Treatments: Rarely required

In our 30's

  • Changes: Surface changes – pigment & blood vessel irregularities secondary to sun (UV) over exposure;  Gradual decline in skin dermal support substances (collagen, elastin, proteoglycans).
  • Good & Bad: Skin care routine (ideally) becoming entrenched;  Start of skin blotchiness (sun freckling & broken capillaries); Fine lines start to appear especially around eyes and frown areas (decreased dermal support).
  • Simple measures: As above; Consider anti¬oxidant supplements;  Retinoid, fruit acid (AHA) creams to reverse some of the changes of sun damage;  Cosmeceuticals – with anti¬aging ingredients (buyer beware – claims often not supported by data)
  • Non-invasive Treatments: Botox for dynamic lines (worry lines of forehead and scowl line between eyebrow); Light & lasers for complexion irregularities (broken capillaries & freckles.

In our 40's

  • Change: Progressive accentuation of surface complexion changes (blotchy & mottled pigmentation);  Subtle bone & fat redistribution on the face resulting in a loss of plumpness & succulence of youth, Ongoing laxity of skin & underlying soft tissue, including muscle;  Change of life – decrease oil gland function and thinning of skin secondary in decline in sex hormones.
  • Good & Bad: There may be a renewed interest in looking after oneself post-40;  Pigmentary & blood vessel irregularities become more obvious;  Fine lines becoming deeper & begin to show even at rest (static wrinkles vs dynamic wrinkles);  Soft tissue laxity & loss of underlying skeletal volume leads to facial sag, bags & jowliness;  Change of life – flushed, dry & more sensitive skin
  • Simple measures: As above;  If you have had your fair share of sun exposure get your skin checked by GP and/or dermatologist for cancer.
  • Non-invasive Treatments: As above;  Fillers for entrenched (static) wrinkles, volume restoration of face;  Resurfacing lasers – to re-invigorate the skin

Dr Lim has a background in international research and experience as one of Australia's leading Dermatological experts. He is an experienced professional practitioner and Fellow of the Australian College of Dermatologists.  Dr Adrian Lim MBBS, FACP, FACD