Snapshot Results of the Tetley Mothers Day Survey 2012

Conducted by Quantum Market Research Pty Ltd

  • Two in five mothers were given a delicious breakfast last Mothers Day.
  • 44% of mothers had to get their own breakfast last Mothers Day.
  • Essential components of a great Mothers Day:
    • Spending time with kids/family: 33%
    • Relaxing/not having to do anything: 30%
    • No housework/loved ones do chores: 27%
    • Having a special breakfast: 19%
    • Being pampered/made to feel special: 18%
    • Kids behaving: 12%
  • Top break activity:
    • Have a cup of tea: 34%
    • Read a newspaper/magazine: 23%
    • Watch TV/ DVD: 18%
    • Make myself a coffee: 15%
    • Hide from others: 7%
  • Most trying thing about Mothers Day:
    • Still having to do chores: 18%
    • Making time for my mother: 9%
    • In-­?laws: 8%
    • No gratitude: 5%
    • Expecting more/lazy husbands: 5%
    • Commercialism of the day: 4%
  • Mothers’ preferred time of day to drink tea:
    • With breakfast: 25%
    • After dinner/when kids are in bed: 24%
    • Mid morning: 17%
    • Mid afternoon: 16%
    • When they first wake up, while in bed: 12%
    • When I get to work: 4%
    • At lunch: 2%

Verbatim comments from the survey

On Mothers Day in general:

“ To not feel guilty about taking time out.”

“Having the children with you. Gifts mean nothing if they aren’t there to spend the time with you.” “Having the family say ‘Thank you’.”

“After my breakfast in bed, it’s back to my normal routine.”

On relaxing:

“Have a cup of tea before bed or a glass of wine with dinner.”

“Putting the kettle on.”

“Sit, have a hot drink – while it’s still hot!”

“Flip through a magazine with a cuppa.”