Feng Shui your Fridge

What next you may well ask!  However Feng Shui expert, Elizabeth Wiggins, has developed some helpful hints and tips on how to make the most out of your fridge and kitchen space.

"The kitchen represents nourishment and prosperity, and the way your fridge is organised can influence your health, well being and energy levels, says Elizabeth, who is also President of the Australian Association of Feng Shui Consultants."

  • Keeping your fridge well stocked implies abundance, opulence and generosity. Take advantage of the fully flexible interior and storage options of your fridge and stock it full with fresh food for those unexpected house guests.

  • Empty and clean your refrigerator and freezer regularly, throwing out old or unused food items. Rubbish, clutter and outdated food items lead to blockages of Sheng (positive) Qi and attract stagnant (negative) Qi. The removable storage features such as glass shelves, a chiller drawer and door bins make cleaning your fridge simple and easy.
  • Healthy food and nice smells attract Sheng Qi in the kitchen and lifts your spirits.

  • Organisation allows your thoughts to be clearer and more focused. Keep your fridge items organised so energy can flow freely.

  • Your kitchen should be airy, clean and spacious. A compact designer fridge enables you to make the most out of your kitchen space.

  • The fridge, stove and kitchen sink should be placed in a triangular formation so their elements don't conflict.

  • The fridge is classified as water energy, so avoid having it next to fire energy, such as the stove.

  • Red colours in the kitchen should be avoided as they relate to the fire element and may increase the risk of fires and arguments in the household. White and silver symbolise purity and hygiene, while beige and pearl introduce earth elements to the kitchen.
Following an increase of smaller households and apartment living, Elizabeth Wiggins teamed up with Westinghouse to ‘Feng Shui Your Fridge' and developed the above helpful hints and tips on how to make the most out of your kitchen space.