Girl power tools


Cordless driver drills are women’s most popular power tool, but how do you use one correctly and what in the heck do all those buttons and switches actually do?


  • Rechargeable batteries instead of a power cord, so you can use them anywhere – inside or out.
  • Traditionally, a drill is used to create various-sized holes. These days, most drills are also ‘drivers’ – ie they drive screws and nuts into various materials, rather than using a screwdriver.
  • Some modern drills have a hammer-like tapping function for easy drilling into masonry, such as tiles, concrete and bricks. Others have integrated lights and spirit levels.
  • The numbered dial on the drill is the clutch – used when screwing. It prevents overdriving and threading of screws. Generally, lower numbers are used for small screws and higher numbers for larger screws. Note: Always set the clutch at the ‘drill’ setting when drilling holes.
  • Keyless chucks make changing the bit super easy. Simply twist the body of the chuck to open or close the chuck jaws around the bit.
  • With the right attachments, your cordless drill can also be used for sanding, buffing, mixing, grinding and sharpening.


  • I love my Hitachi DS 12DM 12-Volt Cordless Driver Drill (pictured). It has all the power and features I need, including a 22-stage clutch for fine torque adjustment. At only 1.7kg, it is light and comfy, with a slip-resistant handle. It comes in a carry case with two batteries, fast charger and bonus lantern.
  • Black & Decker Firestorm 12-Volt Cordless Drill Driver with its ‘Quick Connect’ detachable metal chuck saves time and effort.
  • You’ll never short of the perfect drill or driver bit with the GMC 204 Piece Drill & Bit set, which comes with a heavy-duty carry case.

a) Keyless chucks make changing the bit super-easy.

b) Clutch, with numbered settings regulates the power.

c) Variable speed button – low speed for heavy work/high speed for drilling holes.

d) The forward/reverse switch. Use reverse when removing a screw.

e) Soft-grip slipresistant handle dampens vibration.

f) Belt-hanging clip stores an extra driver bit.

g) Rechargeable battery – most take less than an hour to recharge.

h) Pressure-sensitive variable-speed trigger – the tighter you squeeze, the faster the chuck will spin.



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