Barnardos Mother of the Year winners give their top tips

Herewith a 'sure-fire' list of tips to use on your kids as they reach milestones, struggle with a subject, sport, friendship or just have a bad hair day!

"Always be encouraging and use lots of positive reinforcement."

says Michelle Kew the NSW 2005 Barnardos Australian Mother of the Year.   We share thirty more to make you smile, laugh and agree with the wisdom of some of Australia's most dedicated mums.............

  • Do everything in life once and do it well. Then go back and do the ones you liked again. Live life....
  • To find a friend, be a friend.
  • Keep trying, because practise makes perfect.
  • You can do anything you set your mind to do, if you want to do it enough.
  • Aim high and enjoy what you do.
  • Treat all people equally and never be too busy to help someone in need.

"A family that (eats/goes to lunch/goes camping/watches Kath and Kim together) stays together."

  • You only live once - go for all your dreams!
  • Laughter and love is good for the soul so take a tip from the old sundial. Forget the shadows and the showers and only count your sunny hours. Love is special, trust is vital and faith will get you through.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions.
  • Money isn't everything - you can't buy love.

"Always pack a spare pair of underwear."

  • Eat healthy - stay healthy. Be kind to each other and be good to your mum.
  • It is up to you to decide your future, you are the one who has to live with it, so decide on what makes you happy.
  • Do what feels right.
  • Love unconditionally, show you care.
  • If you have a problem
  • "We will ALL work it out together. We are all here for you."
  • Find time to serve as a volunteer in the community.

"Clean your room"

  • It doesn't matter how you go - just give it your best.
  • Show compassion to all and have Faith!!
  • Be polite to everyone and show you have a beautiful heart.
  • You can always do anything and become anything if you give your best
  • Always be true to yourself.

"Before you decide that today is too hard, take a shower. When you've finished come and give me a hug, a shower will always make you feel better, a hug will make you feel brilliant."

  • Life is about how hard you can work, how happy you can make it, and how independant you can be.
  • Don't Forget (used as a code for "Don't forget I love you" around other kids, to prevent teasing.
  • Look for the good in everyone.
  • Make sure you always treat others in a way you wish to be treated

"A mother holds her children's hands for awhile..their hearts forever."

Barnardos Mother of the Year Awards recognise the enormous contribution made by Australian Mums in shaping our lives and acknowledges exceptional women who are true Australian mothers. These Awards are also the only national Awards directly linked to Mother’s Day.