Single Parent Travel Tips

mother and daughter on a beachYou and your child or children are going on a holiday. Travelling as a single parent may be a daunting thought, but with these simple and handy hints you can have a holiday of a lifetime. Take the drama out of the single parent holiday by planning ahead.

Hire all your equipment there.

You only have 2 hands. You do not want to be paying for excess baggage or having your pram or stroller lost in transit. Have your travel agent arrange for all those bulky necessities to be hired and ready to go when you get there. Hiring ahead means you will not miss out if there is a rush on jogging strollers for example.

Pack light.

The less you pack, the less you have to try and carry or drag around on a trolley. If you are going to a summer resort, let your kids run around for the day in their swimmers, rashies and hats. They will think it's fantastic and you have just lightened the load considerably.

Ensure there is a laundry.

This is vital if you want to pack light. Pack only a few outfits for each child and then wash them out. This will give you plenty of extra room in the suit case and may cut out an entire piece of luggage.

Evening babysitting.

Your travel agent will be able to tell you whether or not there is evening baby sitting facilities. You may want to go out for a drink or experience the local night life with other parents sans children. Babysitters employed or working through resorts usually come with recommendations and are known locally for their reliability.

Family friendly.

The best tip for a single parent vacation is to head for a family friendly destination. This way there will be plenty of child free activities, pools, and playgrounds for your children to enjoy. Family friendly resorts are more likely to cater for your children with meals and meal times. There will also be plenty of other children for yours to play with. This is especially vital if your child is an only child. Only children love nothing better than going on holiday and having other kids to play with. Fiji is probably one of the best value family friendly destinations available.

Groceries ahead.

Many large grocery chains such as Woolies, Coles, and the local independents offer online and phone ahead delivery services. Having disposable nappies, and basic supplies delivered to your door will save you hours of traipsing through a local supermarket with tired and hungry children. Not a good start to the family holiday.

Id your children.

When travelling through airports, theme parks, and anywhere else that is crowded have your children well marked. Dress them in clothes that stand out in a crowd. Have them wear ID bracelets or write your mobile phone number on their arm with permanent marker. If they should wander off, they are only 1 phone call away.

All inclusive packages.

This is a great way to ensure that you are not having to either cook or pay for extra food while you are away. Many resorts offer 'children stay play and eat for free' packages. These can be great money and time savers. Those meals, drinks and snacks that you have to pay for yourself when on holiday can quite quickly add up. A travel agent specialising in family vacations should have all the best deals.

Kids Club.

These are great for entertaining your children while you either enjoy some well deserved time out, or want to go an an excursion that is not particularly suitable for children. Kids clubs are also great for only children who are missing their friends from child care or school. Some well organised kids clubs will also take all the children down for lunch and dinner in large groups at kid friendly times. This means that you can eat your dinner with other adults at a later time while your children are happily entertained.

Single parent vacation packages.

This can be a great way to enjoy a family holiday with other single parents. Not only will you be holidaying with like minded individuals but there will be single parent resources available. You never know, you may even meet a Mr or Ms for a holiday friendship or romance.

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