Get Cyber Savy
Ms Megabyte shares some useful tips to help you when you're on the net.

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Internet searching tips

  • Get to know if you haven't already discovered it.
  • To narrow down your internet search, enclose any search phrases in speech marks. eg: "Melbourne Observer". That way, you'll only get pages with the actual TERM 'Melbourne Observer' appearing. Without the speech marks, you'll get lots of pages with the word 'Melbourne', lots of pages with the term 'Observer', and then pages with the term 'Melbourne Observer'.
  • Use a 'plus' sign with any words that MUST appear in the search results. Similarly, use a 'minus' sign with any words that MUST NOT appear in the search results. (There is no space between the symbol and the word) eg: "banana bread" +chocolate -sultanas
  • When you come across a page that you will be visiting often, make sure you 'bookmark' it by adding it to your list of Favourites. With the page displayed, simply go up to the Favourites menu (yes, the US spelling!) and choose 'Add to Favourites'. If you are like me and you have an endless list, it would be a good idea to sort them into Folders, too.
  • When you have done a search using a search engine like and you're presented with a long list of pages you'd like to check out, this tip will help you do that without losing the original list.
  • RIGHT MOUSE CLICK on the first link you'd like to open and choose from the shortcut menu that appears 'Open Link in New Window'. That will open the site in a brand new window, leaving the original list in the background.

Digital Camera Buying Guide

All the terms you shouldn't leave home without.


'mega' = 1 million pixels. The more pixels in your image, the higher the resolution which equates to a better quality image for printing. Don't settle for less than 1.3 mega pixels. The more mega pixels, the more expensive the camera!

Optical and digital zoom

Optical zoom works the same way as a normal camera by magnifying the image before it is recorded. Digital zoom magnifies the image after it is recorded by enlarging the pixels...which gives a lower quality image.


Digital cameras do not use normal film as they store the images on memory cards. You'll find SmartMedia; Sony Memory Stick, CompactFlash are the common memory formats in use today.

Battery types

Cameras that take normal alkaline batteries are easier to recharge on the road - you just change the batteries. Cameras that come with Lithium Ion batteries give you much more battery time, but you'll need to take a power pack or recharge unit with you.

Some great sites to keep the kids happy in the holidays:

* - a fantastic starting point for any bored kid!
* - just that - how common, everyday things actually work. I get lost at this site for hours. Find out how a toilet s-bend works, how jake-brakes on a truck work and even how laser pointers work!

Snappy Shortcuts

  • Alt + Tab to cycle between any of the currently open programs. Hold down the Alt key and slowly press the Tab key repeatedly until you get to the program you want, then let both keys go.
  • Ctrl + A will Select All in most Windows programs
  • Ctrl + 2 in Microsoft Word will change the paragraph to double-line spacing. Ctrl + 1 for single line spacing and even Ctrl + 5 for 1.5 line spacing.
  • Ctrl + N will create a new item in Windows. If you're in Word you'll get a new document, in email you'll get a new message, in Internet Explorer you'll get a new explorer window.
  • Ctrl + W will close the current window in Word and lots of other Windows programs.

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