Cook up a dream life

Alison Nancye talks of the right recipe for your life ‘san’s food suggestions…. An short editorial featuring the ingredients of LIFE!

My life (and diet) is incredibly different today than it was five years ago simply by allowing myself to dream (and eat more consciously) whilst taking bite size steps along the way.

No matter how far you think you are away from your dreams, allowing yourself to believe is the first step to seeing them realised.

Cooking up my book Recipes for Everyday Life is one of my dreams realised.

My clients and I use this recipe whenever we want to add new things to our ‘life pantry’, to gain clarity or spice things up a bit. The purpose of this recipe is to relish your imagination and get courageous in the life kitchen. Don’t over analyse or judge how your baking turns out, just let yourself dream. Let whatever rises in your ‘imagination oven’ be.

Cooking time

20 - 30 minutes


Notebook & Pen
Quiet space

Cook's tips

A quick way to start making changes in your life is to create a shopping list. List what you love about your life now, then list the things you want to change or add. Don’t feel you have to clean out your kitchen cupboards all at once, simply choose one thing to add or take out.


  1. Get comfy in the kitchen or quiet spot generally – and turn off that mobile phone!
  2. On a fresh page in your notebook write ‘Creating My Dream Life’ and date the page

take it all in and have fun with it too!

Instructions - Cooking up your dream life

  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. Let yourself become more relaxed with each new breath. Allow any thoughts or feelings to arise. Toss the thoughts out with each new breath.

    turn on your imagination oven

  2. Imagine you are in a picture of nature anywhere in the world. The beach, a rainforest, anywhere. Explore and enjoy being there. Imagine you can smell, taste and touch nature around you.
  3. Imagine you are a child now in that picture of nature. Have fun being a child again.
  4. Now imagine a huge fluffy marshmallow hovering above your head. Choose to rise and become part of that marshmallow. Let yourself get all oozy in its texture. Let the marshmallow take you somewhere. Let it take you to your dream life. Allow yourself to feel light and free as you float to your dream life.

    turn up the heat

  5. When you arrive, step off your marshmallow and in to your dream life. Imagine you are an adult now. It may be you as you are today or older. Spend a couple of minutes letting your image simmer gently before your eyes.
  6. What are you doing, what are you wearing, how are you behaving? Where are you? What does your dream life look like, taste like and smell like? Who else is in your dream life?
  7. When you feel your mind (and belly) becoming full, open your eyes and write everything you saw, felt, touched, smelt, heard and sensed. Don't stop, don’t analyse, just write. Some images will be quite literal, whilst others may be a symbol for something more. Keep writing until you feel complete.

    take out of the oven – add garnishes

  8. Read over your notes. Does any of it need reheating or interpreting? Write further notes if you need to. Know this is the life you would really love to savour for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    ready to taste

  9. You are now ready to start taking bite size steps towards making your dream life part of your everyday diet. Choose one area to focus on. Make a list of all the ingredients (or steps) you might need to cook up that area of your life. For example, if it’s a holiday you want, then starting a savings plan, researching your holiday destination and choosing a friend to travel with, could all be part of your list.
  10. Take new steps each day, week, and year, then before you know it, your dream life will soon be your everyday reality.

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