Work life balance in the public sector

It's no secret that in today's world, the ability to maintain work/life balance delivers a happier family life and a rewarding career.

So, how do you do it?

Sandra Barakat is married with 2 children and a new baby in May. She works as an Employee Services Advisor for the Department of Lands NSW and believes the most important step is to find the right employer.

"They have really helped me juggle my family commitments." Sandra said. "The NSW Public Sector provide employees with lots of benefits, it really caters for all family types, whatever your situation. They really embrace Flexible Working Practices"

Flexibility with her employer was paramount for Sandra. The opportunity to spend time with her growing children and be able to care for them, before resuming work was invaluable.

"They have really given me and my family financial security as I have the ability to have up to 2 years of maternity leave paid and unpaid, and I have the right to return to my position."

She said. "I can even pro-long my leave if I decide to take it at half-pay." "They've got great benefits in terms of working part-time, fixed, flexible or standard hours too".

"I've been able to tailor my start and finish times around core hours, to suit my commitments, so I can drop off and pick up from school, day care and even assisted with reading groups as a helper in my daughter's school"

Environment was also crucial. "Everyone say's it, but it's also the people I work with in my team...they really make a difference." Says Sandra. "When I've returned to work previously, my colleagues have been very supportive and this really helps."

We asked Sandra that under these flexible working practices, has it affected her personal growth as an employee? She said. "There are always training and development opportunities. I can work in various other departments like Human Resources, Finance and Administration. My department strongly encourages and supports internal and external courses and advancement."

So, would Sandra recommend the NSW Public Sector as a great place to work?

"If family, support, security and flexibility with your employer is important to you, then I would absolutely recommend the NSW Public Sector."

"Even with a third term of maternity leave coming up, I know that when I return, the NSW Public Sector will welcome me back and offer me new challenges."

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