Job description: Domestic Goddess

Mum of three Sonja St James has come up with a new way to describe her vocation.

I was at a party last year when the man I was talking to asked me what I did for a job.

I thought about it for a moment and then replied that I was a Domestic Goddess. Judging from his blank expression it was clear he was either bemused - wondering if I did something kinky from home!

Domestic Goddess … I thought it was a far more fabulous way of describing my “job” than the usual whiny “Oh, I’m just a housewife”.

Since then I have given quite some thought as to why I chose to say that and why I thought there was a difference. Who and what is this perfect creature that assumed a title of such grace and grandeur?

I know I’d love to be more like her, to know I’d actually earned and deserved to be referred to as such.

I guess it was then that I concluded if my roles were to be that of Partner, Lover, Mother, Daughter, Friend and Colleague and all they entail, then I wanted to be damned good at them. I wanted to excel at being me.

I don’t think I have ever considered this concept before. I must be reaching for some new level of maturity.- finally.

I was challenging myself to grow, progress, improve, learn, blossom … EVOLVE.

Mind you, it would be something of a private challenge as no one but me would know the mark I would undoubtedly fall short of at times. But the fact that I was focusing on making a conscious effort to put more quality into everything I do is a huge new and exciting chapter. Instead of stumbling through my day, I am determined to approach everything in a more professional manner. I have a job to do and I intend to be successful at it.

I do realise however, that theory is easier than practical application when it comes to smiling and being completely unmoved when all that can does go wrong.

However, no one but me could ever have the same amount of commitment and dedication to my family, and they could only benefit from my renewed sense of direction and self worth.

My new role calls for me to be aware of the awesome responsibility I have to those I love and whose lives I touch on a daily basis.

Being on track mentally, physically and spiritually helps me to be better prepared for the stress and daily grind life can be at times. Whether alone or with the support of a partner, it is vital to be able to draw upon your own strength to keep working toward the ultimate goal of knowing you can juggle it all.

So who is Domestic Goddess?

Well, she is made up of every woman that has ever inspired me, little things I have taken into stock and thought I’d put into practice one day. She is someone like my grandmother, who has my best friend’s perfect bottom.

It’s not about what she has but how she does it. It’s about her attitude and acceptance. Her happiness, contentment and the warmth she radiates are the most enviable qualities of her beauty.

It’s the passion with which she applies herself to her relationships and everything she does that make it all come together.

She is my hero. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

Do I think it’s possible? Well I know that my family and I are worth the effort to at least aim to be her. To search deep inside myself and try to find her, so that ultimately I might be like her … a Domestic Goddess.

Well, by the time we have our next chat, I’ll have hit the road and interviewed a few Domestic Goddesses I know (young and elegantly older) to get the scoop on their thoughts, feelings and ideals as well as their successes and near misses!

So remember … to live is to love and to love is to have passion. Without passion we can neither love nor live.

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