Buying and selling on eBay - could this be your new job?

Situations Vacant - The perfect position for a stay-at-home mum or dad…or parent seeking to supplement existing income. Suitable applicants need to be able to turn on a computer and have internet access. Hours can be selected to suit your lifestyle - with an income to match!

Selling on eBay has become the job of choice for a new breed of stay-at-home mums and dads who have turned on-line access into BIG $$'s by selling anything from a shipment of fridge magnets to the latest Lisa Ho Designer dress!

As a fast growing number of modern mums choose to toss-in their original career in the search for a job and income with less trauma, as well as juggling of childcare and workplace issues - eBay has become a viable option.

Why buy and sell on-line?

  • You can work from home.
  • Choose work hours to suit you and your financial commitments.
  • Create the job to fit around your family schedule, sick kids, school pick-ups and more.
  • Enjoy a social support system of like-minded parents.
  • Make an income to supplement or even create a major impact on the family finances.
  • Enjoy your own sense of achievement.
  • Bask in the knowledge that you have TOTAL control over when you work and what you buy and sell.

Personally - I also like the fact that someone else might want to pay money (enough for several grocery bills) for items I would be happy to throw away.

From a tired but functioning travel cot I no longer need, to a ghastly wedding present (a small print still in the box) which someone else is actually collecting!

For single parents eBay presents as a chance to supplement income while safely staying within the limits of your Child Support Payment. It can also boost a modest pay-check received from a part-time job.

E-mums and dads are currently working anything from 15-50 hours per week.

Jill Potter launched her online store "The Frock Shop" three years ago and sells Australian Designer labels including Wayne Cooper, Lisa Ho, George Morrisey and Studibaker.

According to Jill, working from home on eBay has enriched her role as a mum and wife. She loves the ability to be at home if her girls (11 and 8 yrs) are sick and feels happy to be available 24/7 for her kids while still generating an income online.

Jill is also a member of an eBay group which consists of six full and part-time entrepreneurial mothers who met on They offer each other advice and tips on selling and "talk" up to twice a day.