Quiz: Which career is for you

Lisa O’Brien, The author of “Career Change Coach”, “Interview Coach” and “Simple Strategies For Career Success” has put together this easy and enlightening quiz!

Each year many of us take the opportunity to review where we are in terms of our careers.

Some of us are setting career goals and others are considering a complete career change or even starting out their career for the first time.

To find out what career options best suit your skills take the following career quiz.

To complete the quiz, simply read each statement below and write down the answer that most describes your feelings about the statement.

At the end of the quiz, review what your answers say about you.


Socially I am…

1. The person who sets the scene and leads my extended group of friends
2. I have a well-connected social group. I know what is happening, when it is happening and I am always involved
3. I have a small group of very close friends that I prefer to stick with
4. I avoid social events. I would much rather be at home reading a book or watching a movie

Competitively I am…

1. Almost always the winner, I love to compete
2. I like to compete because it gives me a chance to make myself better
3. I dislike competitive games - I think that competitiveness just creates tension between people
4. I always lose, even if it is something that I am normally good at

As a team player I am…

1. The leader
2. The person who quietly keeps it all together by resolving any conflicts between team members
3. I love working in teams because I believe that a team can achieve so much more than any individual
4. I am not a team player - I’d prefer to work alone

I am…

1. Very extroverted
2. More extroverted than introverted
3. More introverted than extroverted
4. Very introverted


My marks at School/Higher Education/University were…

1. Consistently in the top 5%
2. Above average
3. Average
4. Below average

My marks at school were…

1. Highest in technical subjects such as mathematics or science based subjects
2. Highest in English and history based subjects
3. Highest in creative subjects
4. Highest in hands-on practical subjects

My best subjects at school were…

1. Technical subjects
2. Humanities based subjects (eg English, History)
3. Creative subjects
4. Practical subjects

My attitude to study is best described as…

1. Committed, I get the job done
2. I enjoy study and know that it is important
3. I study just before exams
4. I dislike studying

Emotional skills

When a new person joins my social group or team, I…

1. Feel very excited, I love meeting new people
2. Take the time to really get to know what is most important to that person. I love to know what makes everyone tick
3. Let them know what I am about so that we can both get on
4. I dislike the initial stage of first getting to know a new person

I think that the best way for someone to impress a blind date is to…

1. Look amazing, make a big entrance and not be too modest
2. Ask lots of questions to find out what is most important to the other person. Then highlight the things that we have in common based on what is important to the other person
3. Just be themselves
4. Who cares, blind dates are a waste of time

When someone comes to me with a problem, I am most likely to…

1. Tell them to go away and come back to me when they have at least 2 possible solutions to their problem. Then I will help them
2. Take the time to ask lots of questions in order to gather as much information as possible about the problem, and to identify a number of possible solutions to the problem
3. Feel empathetic that they have a problem
4. Wonder why they have come to me - I have enough problems of my own

Careers Quiz - answers

So what's the best career direction for you...?


Mostly 1’s:

You are extroverted with strong leadership skills. You have developed the ability to build rapport and gain trust from others, which makes them want to follow you. This indicates that you should seek a position, which will allow you to lead. On the down side you may struggle in a work environment where you have to follow a leader that you do not admire. Look for management and leadership-based roles, public relations based roles, competitive based roles such as sales, politician, share trading, business entrepreneur, event management, producing/directing and training based roles.

Mostly 2’s:

You have well developed social skills and a natural aptitude for politics both in the workplace and socially. This means that you would work well in a large or politically driven workplace where you can use your social skills and intelligence to climb the career ladder. Look for these types of roles: management, event manager/planner, consultative, service delivery, troubleshooting, change management.

Mostly 3’s:

You are a true worker. No matter what position you hold, you will work hard and be a valuable member to the team. Just make sure that you choose a career direction that suits your natural talents so that you will shine. Be careful not to work so hard that your employer may overlook you. Ensure you promote yourself. Take the time to really assess your talents before choosing a set career direction.

Mostly 4’s:

You do your best work when you are left alone to simply get your work done. Seek jobs that allow you to work independently with as little interaction with others as possible. Look for these types of roles: technical, fashion design, freelance journalism, travel writing, restaurant reviewer, research, engineer, accounting, intellectually based. Avoid customer service, management, promotions and sales roles.


Mostly 1’s:

You have high-level academic skills and a commitment to study. This makes you ideally suited to positions that either requires a great deal of study to secure your ongoing career study. Consider a career as a specialist, in medicine, science, research, engineering, law and academia.

Mostly 2’s:

You are intelligent and have the drive to push yourself further when required. Consider careers in journalism, law, academia, fire fighter, ambulance officer, professional athlete, research, management and business development.

Mostly 3’s:

Pursue a career that requires study if you are passionate about that career. Look for career options that allow you to be creative and to demonstrate your broad range skills. Consider careers in media, arts, photography, design, theatre, and customer service.

Mostly 4’s:

You are a hands-on practical person who likes to work on a job and see results. Look for study options and careers that offer apprenticeships. Consider careers in hairdressing, building, landscaper, carpenter, farmer, mechanics, fitness trainer, office administration, customer service, and hospitality.

Emotional skills

Mostly 1’s:

You understand and are aware of the importance of emotional matters but are far too motivated to become to distracted by these. Look for career options that require an understanding of emotional issues and interaction with people, and also the ability to pull back and focus on bigger picture issues. Consider careers in medicine, crisis management, operational management, media, fitness trainer, event management, recruitment and organisational planning.

Mostly 2’s:

You have a very high level of emotional aptitude. This makes you ideally suited to working in roles that involve assisting, helping or developing others. Your high level of emotional aptitude would also be an asset in any competitive or high profile based roles. Consider careers in teaching, training, leading, business or organisational analysis, nanny, talent management, human resources, nursing, medicine, phycology, social work and change management.

Mostly 3’s:

You are an empathic person with the ability to understand and help people in need. Consider careers in hospitality, nursing, childcare, hairdressing and other service-based industries.

Mostly 4’s:

You are practical and would suit a career where you are required to deliver consistent results and not become distracted by people issues. Consider careers in finance, auditing, law, carpentry, interior design, architecture, landscaping, engineering, inspecting, security and trades such as building.

To find out more about how you can achieve career success or change careers go to: www.careerscoach.com.au