Summer holiday boredom busters

boy enjoying the water

Often parents find the summer holidays difficult, the costs associated with holiday activities adding to the financial strain of the festive season.

So here are some summer holiday ideas that won't break the budget but will help break the boredom next holidays.

And most importantly remember that children will look back on the time we spent with them not the money we spent on them.

  • Grab the kids scooters or bikes and head for your nearest cycle or walking path for some fresh air and exercise

  • Have a day in the kitchen, easy recipes for kids include pizza, sausage rolls and cakes

  • Picnic in your own backyard, maybe even set up camp and stay the night

  • Make a grass head by putting soil and grass seeds in and old stocking water it daily and watch his hair grow

  • Have a board game tournament, blow the dust of monopoly, take 5 and twister, organise some prizes and have a great day in

  • Get some face paints and spend the day painting each other

  • Make a piñata, paper Mache a balloon and when its dry fill it with treats

  • Buy a day pass on public transport, pack a backpack with food and go discover your town

  • Have a movie day, hire some DVD's, make popcorn and settle in for some relaxation

  • Explore your nearest Botanical Gardens, take a picnic and look for fairies in the garden

  • Take the kids to a farm, feed the sheep and milk the cows

  • Go fruit picking find a local strawberry farm that allows you to pick your own

  • Visit your local market, sample the foods and produce, let the kids enjoy a pony ride

  • Hire at paddle boat on the river and follow it up with a picnic in the park

  • Take a short river cruise, enjoy the sun and feed the ducks

  • Get cultural at your local museum, check out the kids school holiday activities

  • Let the kids join an art activity at the art museum, you're littlies might be future Picassos

  • Spend the day at the beach, remember the buckets and spades and the sunscreen

  • Eat hot chips on the local jetty or wharf, ask the fisherman to show you their catch

  • Swing, run, jump and play at your local playground, let the kids burn off that extra energy

  • Visit your nearest National Parks and see if the ranger is running school holiday activities

  • Head to the local library and get comfortable with some books and beanbags and settle in for storytelling

  • Meet up with some other Mums at a local park and let the kids hang out together

  • Go bird spotting, borrow a bird book from the library and learn about the birds you see

  • Have a world day, grab an atlas and discover what people wear, speak and do in another country

  • Dress up day, let the kids loose in your wardrobe and have a laugh at their fashion parade
  • Visit your local aquatic centre and spend the day splashing around

  • Go bushwalking, contact National Parks and find a short bushwalk in your area

  • Set up shop, grab the groceries out the pantry and let the kids be the shop keeper, make pretend money and your in business

  • Check out your local councils website and see what events or activities are planned in your region

  • Visit Grandma or Grandpa ask them to show you photos from when they were little and spend the day listening to their stories

Leah Squire is an expert on travelling with kids and has made a business out of it with her own website dedicated to travel with kids (