Playhouse Disney DVD Reviews

playhouse disney DVD coversIn August we invited our VIP members to let us know if they wanted to be involved in reviewing the very latest Disney DVDs from the Playhouse Disney range. We had a great response, and 15 lucky parents were selected to become reviewers. The Playhouse Disney DVDs our parents reviewed were:

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash
  • My Friends Tigger and Pooh: This Mystery is History
  • Little Einsteins Go To Europe

All three DVDs were released on 2 September and are now available on Disney DVD.

Thanks very much to all our reviewers - we loved reading your reviews and we really appreciate you sharing your experiences.

Michelle Ossipow’s Review:

My four year old Lily and my two year old Ruby both loved the stories of all three of the Playhouse Disney September titles DVDs.  They both especially liked Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash.  Lily’s favourite character was Mickey Mouse and Ruby’s favourite character was Donald Duck.  The story in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash about the ducks was Ruby’s favourite of all!

Lily and Ruby both love watching Playhouse Disney DVDs because there is a story, singing, dancing and characters that are always up to different adventures.  We like to watch the movies with our children, firstly to see what they are enjoying, and to also talk more about the stories and characters afterwards.

I know they will continue to enjoy watching these DVDs for a long time!

Nicole McVey’s Review:

My children loved everything about these Playhouse Disney DVDs. They are big Playhouse Disney fans and thought it was great to have a DVD of their own and that we all watched together.

My 2 year old son’s favourite character is Mickey Mouse from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash and my 7 year old son loved all of the characters from Little Einsteins: Go To Europe as he loves spaceships.

My children love Playhouse Disney as the characters are fun, colourful and they love each of the stories. These DVD's make learning fun for the children.

By viewing the DVDs together as a family meant we got to spend a great day together, sharing popcorn and lots of laughs, kisses and cuddles while enjoying the Playhouse Disney DVDs.

Barbara Rhodes Review:

The DVDs have been fun to watch. I think what the children loved most was the songs.  My 1 year old was bopping along every time the characters started singing.

Her favourite character was definitely Tigger from My Friends Tigger and Pooh: This Mystery is History, I think she likes his funny laugh.

I think the children generally love the Playhouse Disney DVDs because some of their favourite characters from books and toys “come to life” and the graphics are so good and the colours so vibrant.

The movies give the opportunity to have a starting point for other learning experiences – pointing out similar things that are on the DVDs that are around us whether at home or when we go out.

Joanna Basile’s Review:

My little boy was so excited when he saw 3 brand new DVDs all for him to watch. He made me open them straight away and sat clutching the boxes.

He loved Little Einstiens: Go To Europe the most as we watch it all the time on Playhouse Disney on Foxtel, so that was DVD he watched first. His favourite character is Leo closely followed by June. He knows all the words to the theme song and sings along with it every time, and pats his legs for "more power"! It's so enjoyable for me watching him loving the show, singing along and interacting. He was a little bit disappointed that the first episode was one he'd seen quite a few times on TV, but he loved the next one, so that made up for it.

Melissa Davies' Review:

My child loved the songs throughout the DVDs and whenever the characters counted as he is learning his numbers.

His favourite character is Tigger from My Friends Tigger and Pooh: This Mystery is History as he loves tigers.

My child generally loves the basic cartoon style of these DVDs; he loved the bright and simple colors as they were not too complicated.

My child finds the stories are easy to follow and have good learning techniques for toddlers.

Danielle Searle's Review:

My children brimmed with excitement on receiving the DVDs and found themselves quickly attracted to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash DVD. My daughter instantly fell in love with Minnie, and copied all of her dance movies, and sat in awe as they went through the various adventures. My son loved the music also on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD, but also found the Little Einsteins Go to Europe DVD very intriguing. The songs were quickly copied, and after being played over and over again, I too found myself humming along while making dinner. You know you have a winner, when strangely enough you start humming the songs while pushing a shopping trolley, or while standing in a bank queue! The DVDs encouraged movement and interaction from the children, which instantly appealed to me, rather than seeing them glued to the couch cushions.

Rebecca Fox’s Review:

My child loved that the characters interacted with her while she watched. She actively answered their questions and participated in their actions by clapping or jumping, etc.

My child's favourite character is 'June' from Little Einsteins: Go To Europe.

She loved the DVDs because they appeal to her: they are age appropriate. The kids can relate to the activities that the characters do, for example, looking for colours, shapes and objects.

We loved watching the movies together. She enjoyed me spending time with her and I enjoyed watching her interacting with the characters and singing and dancing and just having a fun time.

Matt William’s Review:

My son watched all three of the Playhouse Disney September titles and found that his favourite character was Mickey Mouse from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash.  Also on this disc was his favourite episode, the one with Donald Duck.  He loved this episode as the ducks got to go out and then also found their way back to their correct Mummy at the end. At this, my son stated “That’s nice as that’s how it should be”.  The DVDs were well received due to the variety and also the appeal to the age group of my child 3 – 5 years.  He found them very entertaining and also we found that he loved to watch them and had a great time watching them, as did we.

Amanda Barnes' Review:

My child loves the music on the Playhouse Disney September titles DVDs, regardless of which of the three I put on, he will get up and have a boogie!

The episodes are just the right length to keep him occupied and interested, the colours are bright and the music and storylines are engaging.

We sing and dance together and I point out things to him, it’s a bit more fun than reading a book although we can learn the same concepts. It’s great mum and bub time!

Alison Palmer's Review:

We loved the Playhouse Disney September titles DVDS and would highly recommend them to anyone that has toddlers, preschoolers or kinder kids. My 2 year old loved My Friends Tigger and Pooh: This Mystery is History while my 5 year old loved the Little Einsteins: Go to Europe. They were all very educational and the kids were learning things without even realising they were. I think that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash is also a wonderful learning tool for kids. As the children watched this one by themselves without me I could hear them yelling at Mickey to tell him which ‘Mousketool’ to pick, so that was fun. We did sit down as a family and watch the DVDs which was entertaining for the adults as well, but the kids loved them most of all.  Another Mum-friendly feature, which I loved on all the DVDs, was the Fast Play function. This is great for a busy mum who doesn’t have the 5 minutes to stand there and wait for all the titles to be run through just to start the DVD.

I love watching movies on a rainy day and in Tassie we get lots of those lately so we made watching the Playhouse Disney September titles a bit of fun with some treats; and I got to sit and learn with my kids, which was great.  The Little Einsteins series is a great show, I have learnt from experience that children learn so much with music and this element is certainly shown in this series.

Thank you so very much for the opportunity to have my say on such wonderful educational DVDs.  I would highly recommend any Playhouse Disney DVD. I personally grew up with Mickey and Donald, and I love that my children 30 years later also get to share in the same opportunity.

Cheree Robinson’s Review:

My children firstly loved that the Playhouse Disney September titles DVD were brand new and hadn’t seen the episodes 30 times before. They loved that they were so easy to watch and were very exciting and unpredictable. Surprisingly their favourite character was Mickey Mouse from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Big Splash! It was great to see that the good old Mickey won out! The reason why my children love Playhouse Disney DVDs is the same reason as what they loved most about these DVDs, because they were new and unpredictable and unlike other characters who do the same thing each episode.

I really loved watching these movies with the girls (especially Mickey’s Big Splash) as it was the one time of the day that they would actually sit down give me cuddles and enjoy a movie with me, without running around the house only half watching the DVDs because they’d lost interest. These DVDs kept them intrigued, quiet and happy.

Louise Sedgwick's Review:

My child loved the visual aspects of the Playhouse Disney September DVDs, the colour and movement were exciting for him to watch. His favourite character is the all time classic favourite, Tigger, from My Friends Tigger and Pooh: This Mystery is History, but the Little Einsteins: Go to Europe was appealing to him as he is becoming older and beginning to understand more. I think that my son loves the Playhouse Disney DVDs generally because they have fun characters and fun story lines and the individual episodes are of a good time length that he can watch. I loved being able to watch and teach my son new things from the DVDs while also being able to look after our little baby.