Playhouse Disney DVD Reviews

See what our VIP Mum reviewers said about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald’s Big Balloon Race.

dvdIn October we invited our VIP members to let us know if they wanted to be involved in reviewing Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald’s Big Balloon Race. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald’s Big Balloon Race was released on 3 November 2010 and is now available on Disney DVD.

Thanks very much to our reviewers - we loved reading your reviews and we really appreciate you sharing your experiences.

Emily Radojevic

My little boy was engaged right from the word go with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald’s Big Balloon Race!   It went for about an hour with different episodes, so it was great so watch some, have a break and then go back to it.  He just loved it! His name is Michael so his favourite character is obviously Mickey as I call him my little Mickey Mouse!  He loved learning about flying and hot air balloons and now he wants to fly.

I loved watching it with him and seeing his face light up whenever Mickey was on the screen. I can assure you we will be watching this DVD more than once!

Nikki Giumelli

My children, Grace and Finn love dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song on the DVD, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey & Donald’s Big Balloon Race . Finn loves Mickey and Grace loves Minnie. The DVD is educational, fun, dynamic and held the attention of my children. We laughed and relaxed together watching the DVD and it was great time out!

Lisa Bell and Veronica

My daughter enjoyed the games the most, especially the juggling game in Pluto's Best on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald’s Big Balloon Race DVD.  Goofy and Pluto are her favourites, because they were the most fun.

My daughter loves the colour, the magic and the characters in Disney movies - she can watch them over and over again on DVD! I get to share in the things she likes and it gives us something to talk and laugh about (besides, I secretly enjoy watching them myself too).

Jacci Longstaff

Both my children loved the colours and shapes of the balloons and how all the characters got to ride in them in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald’s Big Balloon Race.

My eldest child’s (nearly four) favourite character is Donald Duck, however he’s adamant it’s pronounced “Darnald” Duck!  I think it’s the American accent.   My youngest child’s (2 years old) favourite characters are both Mickey and Goofy.

My kids love Playhouse Disney DVDs because they are always fun, interactive, intriguing and exciting to them.  They always have a giggle and answer questions that the characters ask.

My children get to enjoy fun, educational DVDs and I get to see them laugh and learn which, is a part of what being a mum is all about really. 
I love the Disney DVDs!

Rebecca Patterson

We received our DVD copy of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald’s Big Balloon Race at the end of last week and my girls loved watching it.   Every day they usually watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV, so to be able to watch Mickey Mouse in the car over the weekend was a real treat (it was hard to get them out of the car).

My twins love Mickey the most, but also love calling out for “Toodles”, which is so cute.  As they are only 20 months old, they have a limited vocabulary, but loved to point out that Mickey and Donald were in balloons.  My girls love watching Playhouse Disney for the fun, energetic and music involved shows that are on.   While watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald’s Big Balloon Race, we get to sing and dance and the girls slowly get to learn new words.  Thank you so much for letting us review this DVD.

Kylie Stein

My son Edward loved the DVD Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald's Big Balloon Race.  Edward loves Pete and becomes quite excited when ‘that sneaky Pete’ is attempting to win the Big Balloon Race.  Edward interacts out loud with Mickey and the gang encouraging them towards the finish line!

Edward has a selection of Playhouse Disney DVDs which he watches over and over again.  He enjoys assisting Mickey to choose the correct mouseketool to assist them on their journey.

Edward and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your review program.  We enjoyed the time together very much.  As a parent, I appreciate Disney promoting good manners and appropriate behaviour within their movies.

Disney movies have been a favourite in our home since my first son was born 12 years ago.  The storylines capture a child’s heart as well as parents.  Graphics are brilliant with lots of colours and opportunities for your child to become a part of the adventures!

Sharon Di-Leo

My kids absolutely loved this DVD, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey and Donald's Big Balloon Race.    What they like most about it was that Mickey and Friends interact with them. Mickey asks them  questions to make them feel they are part of the DVD.

My five year old son Dante’s favourite character is Mickey Mouse - every time Mickey asked a question, he answered it straight away.

My eight year old son Joshua’s favourite character is Donald Duck - he loves the way he talks and how he is always getting into trouble.

Playhouse DVDs are great because they teach kids manners and to have a good time.

What me and my family get out of viewing Playhouse Disney DVDs is being able to enjoy family time.  We all get a bowl of popcorn to eat while we watch the DVD and then we talk about it together.


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