Looking To Entertain the Kids These School Holidays

entertainIt’s end of term and the school holidays are upon us. There are two, even three weeks in some cases, to fill with activities, games and play dates that will keep the kids entertained and stop you from hearing the dreaded “Mum…I’m bored”. Where to start, how to think of something new and different for your kids that they haven’t done before.

A new online service has just been launched which may be able to answer those questions and be the saviour these school holidays. Dare2Courses is a unique site that offers a magic range of courses for children and adults in all sorts of categories from sports and camps to arts and music.

Dare2Courses has a wide range of courses for all ages and skills level, from bread making, and learn to surf lessons to musical theatre and Hip Hop dancing. There is guaranteed to be something for the most discerning child.

Creator of Dare2Courses Anita Pavlovic says planning ahead and being prepared for the school holidays will take a lot of the stress off parents which they tend to feel in the lead up to the holidays.

“Many parents look forward to the holidays as it means no rushing out the door in the mornings or having to make lunches and get homework completed, they can slow the pace of home-life down a bit. But it’s a double-edged sword, you also have to keep these children entertained, not everyday, but for most days they would like to be seeing friends or doing something new.

dareanita“Our courses come from different providers and can suit any one at any level – beginners to advanced. We have planned the site that you can find what you want easily, or enjoy browsing through it – the mums and dads may even find something they want to do!”.

Dare2courses suggest these tips for a successful holiday:

· Don’t plan too much, kids also need a rest during the holidays, especially mid-year

· Plan only one course per holidays for the older kids

· Younger children will be more suited to courses that are on a few hours over two to three days

· Check what the course provides eg, meals, drink, wet-weather back up

· Check the course cancellation policy in case you get sick kids – can you transfer for the booking? defer it?


· Make sure it is something your child is interested in

· And the most important tip is to HAVE FUN!


Visit dare2courses.com.au