Kids and confidence

Stage mums and dads are a scary species to behold.

However - don't let them put you off allowing your child to build their confidence and imagination, by joining in any of the many performing arts classes available to children aged 2-18 years!

Acting, singing or dance classes let the magic in a child unfold.

While a lot of parents focus on academic achievement and/or sporting prowess at school, the life skills which can be gained from joining a local theatre or dance class - cannot be overlooked.

Whether your child shows any sort of ability at anything at all, there will always be a need to maintain a healthy level of self esteem and an inner confidence - life tools which can help them reach goals to create a happy and productive future.

Joining a class with peers which both encourages them to invest in their imagination and then rewards them for standing out from the crowd to sing, dance or act can provide these tools AND put a smile on their faces.

Whether their performance is brilliant or extremely average, their confidence will still soar in those early years as they tread the boards before they even know, what stage-fright is.

As kids reach school age, one-off school holiday activities or regular weekly classes allow them to let loose, make new friends and explore the creative side of their personalities.

Workshops offered at The Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney begin with classes for children as young as five years old. Older children (6-18 yrs) can jump into classes on improvisation, junior screen or circus performance or learn to read and act a script!

Brightstars offers courses for children as young as three to five in their Twinkles program where tiny tots are taught to use their imagination through puppetry, song, music and movement. Seven to 18-year-olds can try their hat at everything from acting, modelling and dancing to singing and performing. Brightstars have more than 50 locations throughout NSW, Victoria and QLD.

Australian schools now openly encourage kids to find a comfort-zone with public speaking - beginning at 6 years of age. Standing up to give a 5-minute talk on "My Family" is not an easy task for an unprepared adult, let alone a youngster in front of their new best friends at their brand new school!

For those few who have been involved in "playing" with performance art at any age, public speaking is just another period at school and not a lesson to be viewed with mind-numbing dread.

Maura Fay, one of Australian's leading casting directors and a much-loved Mum who passed away left a legacy to benefit the spiritual development of young children through drama.

"We want our children to grow up to be doctors and dentists but we don't nurture them enough in play." said Maura

"Parents are not necessarily the best judge of what's inside. Sometimes we don't see the true spirit inside our children. Our responsibility as parents is to let kids be exposed to everything so they get a balance in life."said Maura.

If you would like to let the imagination of your children loose (out of the house) , give them a chance to shine, by joining a local drama or dance school.

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