Childbirth triggers hormonal shockwave
During pregnancy a mother’s immune system limits it’s clout to prevent the body from rejecting the foetus. After childbirth the system simply turns itself back on but there can be rebound effects as this takes place.

“It is almost as if your system is making up for that lost 9 months of time and now it is twice as powerful, developing antibodies that attack normal tissue”

says naturopath Narelle Stegehuis, who is leading the way in the natural treatment of this age old challenge. In medical circles this immune over reaction is referred to as an auto immune response and is a major reason why women tend to be more prone to hormonal disorders leading to weight gain and other unhealthy symptoms after pregnancy.

“It’s Nature’s Weigh to win your battle”

Almost nine years ago, Narelle Stegehuis gave birth to more than just her first child. The arrival of baby Anna also delivered a set of challenges the fit and healthy naturopath hadn’t bargained on.

Burdened by a post-baby bulge that wouldn’t budge despite a determined diet and exercise regime, the new mum embarked on a mission to find out why she and so many of her clients couldn’t lose weight after having a baby.

“Previously I had always been a healthy body weight, with an impeccable diet and regular exercise. Now I was having so much trouble sleeping, which further added to my frustration. Quite simply, I was weighed down!”

Narelle found that as a consequence of the changes in her immune system she had developed a thyroid condition, which was not picked up by her doctor’s blood test (sadly, this is often the case).

“This puzzling challenge fuelled my initial research into the connection between weight gain and hormones.”

Narelle’s specialised research gave ‘birth’ to MassAttack, a personalised health program.

So who’s in charge of your health, your hormones or you?

“The more I delved into it, the more I realised that we’ve got the whole weight loss thing upside down. We treat the symptom, which is the weight gain, instead of treating the cause, the reason why we are gaining weight.”

All of these 'supposedly normal' post pregnancy symptoms can be linked to hormonal imbalance and Narelle stresses that these distress signals should not be ignored.

The 20,000 hours Narelle has spent uncovering this topic through research and clinical trials set her on the path to developing a holistic naturopathy program which supports women in the regaining of their optimal health while taking into account their individual differences and needs.

Because Narelle’s program targets the weight gain’s underlying problem, she encourages her patients to stop dieting.

“As Mandy found, losing weight is not as simple as eating less and exercising more! It is a complex matrix of diet, lifestyle, hormonal and emotional factors that determine the personalised action plan that is appropriate for you.”

You may be surprised - even generally accepted ‘healthy’ foods can worsen hormonal imbalances.

Mandy,  had been on the diet rollercoaster all of her adult life. Things got quite out of control after the birth of her three children. After careful analysis of her symptoms, Narelle developed a holistic natural health program that addressed her underlying ovarian disorder and saw her go from a size 24 to 12.

“ Fresh energy to keep up with the kids, better sleep and losing weight in places I’ve never been able to budge” says Mandy

And that’s why, for many woman, generic diets just don’t work!

Narelle firmly advocates that it is imperative to understand your body’s specific needs and thus be able take control of your own health.

“We are all different and what may work for Kirsty Alley may not in fact work for you!”

MassAttack is now available online. Mothers can complete the comprehensive health questionnaire, receive their individualised program and communicate regularly with Narelle on their progress from the comfort of their own home or office.

“Motherhood is such a challenge in itself, the online program has meant that mothers can access their program, additional information and support at times that suit them.”

Narelle is a recognised leading specialist in naturally treating hormonal imbalances. She is a professional member and supporter of the Australian Thyroid and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Associations and enjoys developing winning health programs for even the most complex health challenge.

For more information, or to join MassAttack log onto or call 1300 133 536.