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Baby Beach Oasis eventTips and Tricks for keeping your family happy on those hot summer days

Thank you to all the mothers who shared their tips and tricks with us at the JOHNSON’S® Baby Beach Oasis in Sydney and Melbourne last month. We received so many useful pieces of advice to help keep your children cool and comfortable this summer.

In the spirit of sharing, below is a list of the top 10 tips to help all motherInc mums this summer!  And remember – don’t forget to pack a bottle of JOHNSON’S® baby powder in your beach bag!

Carry cheap water spray bottles and make it fun to squirt each other and cool each other down.
Samantha Young, VIC

Frozen watermelon slices are great to take to the beach to cool down little people!
Lynn Lang, NSW

mother and daughter at the eventOn a hot day, put a baby sheet and wrap in a bag in the freezer until cool then wrap the baby before a nap, for a relaxed, cool sleep.
Kate McDonnell, NSW

Pour lite custard and pureed berries into ice-pop holders and freeze for a delicious summer treat
Abigail Isacowitz, NSW

Teach your kids to swim from a young age and make putting on sunscreen a part of their daily routine.
Rebecca Atlas, VIC

Put suntan lotion on half an hour before you go out. I also make a rule - if you go outside you have hat on. No hat no outside!
Tanya Cominotto, VIC

photo showing group of women and children who attended the eventSpray each other with a bottle of cold water.
Alison Walsh, VIC

We have an umbrella over a paddle pool in the backyard, and fill it with balls as well. My son loves it.
Sara Konyari, NSW

Keep sunscreen in the cooler bag.
Michelle Tong

Pitch a sun tent to keep baby busy and shaded from the sun.


girl in sundress on beachSo what is the JOHNSON’S® Baby Beach Oasis?

This community friendly event will allow you and your child to enjoy a day at the beach in a safe supervised environment, and while you are there you can hear from other parents their summer tips for the family.

Beach balls and snacks will be provided for a fun-filled day for your child while you enjoy a beachside briefing from a guest speaker Pinky McKay who will share with you fun family beach activity ideas and sun safety tips.

North Bondi Beach
Tuesday 20th January 2009
10:30am – 12:00pm

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