How to buy Xmas toys for your kids

We all want our kids to have that look of sheer joy and excitement when they open their christmas toys, but sometimes they rip open the wrapping paper and there just isn't same enthusiasm when they see the toy.

Here are a few tips on scoring that brilliant smile everytime they peer in their Santa sack this year:

How to choose an age appropriate toy:

  • Use product packaging as an important source of information to match toys to the child's abilities.
  • Selecting products to appeal to a child's individual interests is important to ensure the child remains curious, interested and entertained while learning.

How to choose toys that capture a child's attention:

  • Choose toys that make noises or light up
  • Select toys that provide interaction
  • Pick toys that feel different to provide variety
It is also important to have a range of toys to suit different needs to encourage a variety of play. A range of toys ensures that a variety of developmental areas are being encouraged such as sharing, interaction, imaginative play, physical activity and constructive play.

What sort of toys do I need to encourage a variety of play?

  • Have some toys for children to use individually but make sure you have larger sets of toys that can be shared when children are playing together
  • Select some toys that encourage movement and physical activity
  • Use the product packaging the help ensure that the selection of toys include toys to promote constructive, imaginative and interactive play
  • It is also important to remember that the best way for a child to learn from a toy is to allow them time to play with it. While a simple toy seems straightforward enough and easy to understand for parents, it is important to remember that a child needs to test whether a round block will fit through a rectangular hole several times over before they discover the shape isn't right.

How do I increase learning from each toy?

  • Make time for the child to play with each toy in their own way
  • Enable the child to explore, investigate and discover things for themselves
  • Give children as much time as they need to explore a new toy and discover its capabilities and uses and let them experiment with how the toys work, how they can interact with the toy and how mum interacts with the toy too.
  • The final tips for parents to become their own experts in play are crucial. Safety is the most important concern when children are playing.

How to ensure safe and effective play:

  • Always keep a eye on children when they are playing
  • A reassuring smile when the child has discovered new things and engaged with a toy encourages children to further interact with toys and show off their new found skills
  • Select quality, durable toys that withstand the rough treatment of little curious hands, feet and mouths
  • Regularly check all toys to ensure that wear and tear has not compromised safety with loose or damaged parts
  • Check the size of the parts of the toy to ensure that the toy is not a choking hazard
  • Ensure that the play area is safe by checking that the child's surroundings pose no danger or access to steps or the road
  • And lastly, it's important for parents to relax and enjoy all play experiences with their child. They need to find their inner-child and remember that no one is watching them to see if they laugh louder, if they push the buttons better or if they interact better. Parents are their own experts in play. Children will find pleasure in many simple things. Parents should take a deep breath, laugh and enjoy these special moments with their little ones.
We thank Fisher Price for this excellent advice in the hope that all kids love your presents on Christmas Day.