Turned upside down
sick husband

Blog of the Month by Melissa Jacob.

In a few short hours my world was turned upside down. We have always enjoyed relative good health, so nothing could have prepared me for the news that we received early last week. I could not have imagined that my life would change so drastically, leaving me to look after the kids on my own, as well as being a full time carer. Up until the day that my husband presented to the local pharmacy, he had not shown any symptoms - no pains, no congestion, no fatigue, no sniffles. Never in a million years could I have imagined the impact that this would have on the whole family - the day my husband was diagnosed with a common cold.

When he first broke the news to me I knew that I had no alternative than to throw myself wholeheartedly into looking after the family. My life became a never ending cycle of making cold drinks, hot lemon drinks, running baths, hiring videos, preparing meals, and endless trips to the pharmacy to get the ultimate throat lozenge. It really is just trial and error to get the right one, and some of the flavours can have a ghastly aftertaste. I just went into automatic pilot. Obviously, he wasn’t able to do anything and he certainly wasn’t able to help with the kids, even for a moment. I had to forget about things that I wanted to do. My weekly yoga class, my bikini wax appointment, that precious golden hour I get each afternoon when the kids are asleep. All of those became as great a priority as dusting under the beds, when you are confronted with something like this.

After the shock subsided I felt really angry. Why did this happen? Why now? What has he ever done to anyone? Look at him, he just lay there, motionless and groaning, unable to do anything except change the TV channels with a remote, and let out a meek shout when his football team scored a try. Our three-year-old son, Lockie, came into the room and said, “Is Dad going to die?” It is heartbreaking for a child to see his father like that, especially knowing that in the not too distant future, he too, will most likely be stricken by the same hereditary affliction that has been passed down through the males on both sides of our families. It is so completely frustrating knowing that there is nothing you can do except find comfort in the fact that God obviously had a plan when he designed women to bear children.

Thankfully, we have a great support network of friends and family who helped out just by being there in our time of need. I was just so appreciative. When you go through something like this it makes you realise just what is important in life. When he is back to good health I think he should write into the show, “I Shouldn’t Be Alive”. I think that so many others could be inspired by his courage and his will to live. Maybe Jamie Durie could even do a backyard extravaganza.

Whenever you are going through a challenging time, instead of naval gazing, I think it is always good to remember that no matter how tough you have it, there is always someone worse off that you. I immediately thought of the women out there whose partners actually have influenza, and I felt incredibly grateful.

Has anyone else lived through this kind of ordeal?