About us

www.motherinc.com.au is Australia's first online magazine for a new generation of modern mothers.

motherInc talks to 21st Century mums as both a woman and a parent!

Launched at Parliament House in May 2001, the website has grown to become the biggest online parenting website in Australia for women managing pregnancy through to tweens. Most mothers arrive at www.motherinc.com.au preparing for pregnancy and don't leave until their children have moved into their mid-teens.

Like any successful glossy print magazine - www.motherinc.com.au provides top stories on products and services which meet the needs of a modern woman. Parenting, fashion, beauty, fitness all go hand in hand - as does finding and holding down a job while raising a young family.

The job roles of a modern mum are many. The topics covered by www.motherinc.com.au embrace all these aspects of modern motherhood.

The social stages of modern families are also covered via Editorials as well as topical online POLLS. Topics covered include, single parenting, blended families (StepParenting), sex and relationships 21st Century-style, the New Look Dad, Kids Top Meals as well as a host of health related topics - which impact on a new generation of Australians.

Humour, entertainment and an opportunity to have a voice via the Research POLLS provide ingredients which continue to attract new mothers, while we enjoy the company of hundreds of thousands of mums with growing families across Australia.

motherInc. is wholly owned by Claudia Keech and is trademarked in Australia, The United States, and New Zealand.

motherInc. produces mini-magazines, presents Events and publishes books for modern parents and families.

For more information please e-mail info@motherinc.com.au.

For Public Relations and Events enquiries, please contact anna@motherinc.com.au