Is a dummy good or bad for your baby?
After starting out with the advice - "just don't go there" - we at have all ended up with a dummy or two or more in our baby bags over the years!

We spoke with Dr Andrew Rochford of the TV series "What's good for you" about what's good for your baby - especially when it comes to buying the right product.

As a medical doctor and a new dad what is your advice to parents, in particular, fathers on best practice parenting?

From a very young age children need to be nurtured and comforted and made to feel safe. This ensures that a baby grows into a self-assured and confident individual.

Any product or device to assist parents with providing their baby added comfort and security, is important for the health and well being of a child.

There are various products within the marketplace that are available to help parents comfort and provide additional safety and security for their children, are there any in particular that you would recommend?

Parents need to do their research and choose products that they know are safe if they want to reduce the risk of accidents, injury and distress in their newborn or toddler. When Jamie (my wife) and I were deciding, our research included questioning friends, family, midwives and anything or anyone we could trust.

Finally, we have chosen a Happy Baby soother. It's made in Australia and complies with Australian safety standards, something that is extremely important.

Soothers, pacifiers and dummies have come under some scrutiny within Australian society, what are your thoughts on these and do you believe they are an effective device for babies?

I believe soothers, pacifiers and dummies are a very effective device to assist parents when attempting to comfort their child.

What, in particular, should parents look for when purchasing a soother for their baby?

Safety is a key element when purchasing a soother for your baby.

Parents also need to ensure they tug on the teat and ring, or handle of the soother to ensure it is secure before each use. A soother needs to be kept very clean or it could become a source of infection.

What is the difference between buying an Australian made product versus a product made overseas?

When making a purchasing decision, parents want a brand and product they can trust, that is relevant and safe. Happy Baby is the perfect first choice for Australian parents as all of their products are Australian owned and made, and it meets our safety standards.