"Look who's eating now" BOOK REVIEW

In Look Who’s Eating Now, Melbourne mum Sonia Blacker provides more than 100 simple, nutritious, tasty meals for babies, toddlers and beyond – and they’re all super easy to prepare.

Personal experience with her toddler Holly taught Sonia that although she loves to cook, spending hours labouring over a hot stove for a baby meal, only to have it rejected wasn’t a viable option. So she set about putting together child and parent-friendly recipes – all reviewed by a paediatric dietitian.

Feeding babies and toddlers doesn’t have to be a stressful time, according to Sonia, who says it can be an enjoyable experience – if you know what to make. “My daughter loves sitting on the kitchen cupboard, watching and learning as I prepare her meals – and while it doesn’t take long, it’s still important fun time we spend together,” she says.

From first foods to introducing new tastes and textures, practising independent feeding and recipes for littlies with food allergies – Look Who’s Eating Now offers plenty of tips for saving time in the kitchen: from cooking large amounts to freezing portions, safe freezing times and food handling.

Whether you’re a working or a stay-at-home mum, you’ll be familiar with the challenge of feeding babies and toddlers, whether from a lack of ideas, no time, or kids who just don’t seem interested in eating.

Everyone’s experience of feeding children is different, and Look Who’s Eating Now shares mums’ true stories of the tricky times and the triumphs along the way.

Samantha Berry, dietitian and mother of three under three says: “The time-saving ideas and simple meals for babies and toddlers outlined in this book will make your feeding experiences stress-free”.

Look Who’s Eating Now shows just how easily you can use readily-available ingredients – you’ll probably have most of them in your kitchen already – to whip up delicious, cost-effective meals, quickly.

“The short preparation times for my recipes mean busy mums can spend less time in the kitchen, and more with their families, knowing they’re feeding their children well, encouraging healthy eating habits right from the start,” explains Sonia.

And with all recipes recently reviewed by a paediatric dietitian, to ensure they comply with the newly revised Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents, you can trust that the information contained in Look Who’s Eating Now is reliable, well-informed and totally up to date.

Dietitian and mother of nine-month-old twins Sara Grafenauer says: “Parents want to provide a healthy variety of food for their babies and toddlers with simple recipes, prepared with a minimum of time spent in the kitchen. Some children have food allergies and weight issues…all new parents need a copy of this book”.

In addition to its brilliant recipes, Look Who’s Eating Now covers topics including: unsafe foods; high risk foods for allergies; diet development; time saving tips for food preparation; safe food storage; mothers’ personal stories; and plenty of colour photos and easy-to-follow instructions.

And the recipes are divided into sections including: Sensational Savouries; Sweet Treats; Snack Attack; and That First Birthday Party!