Is a dummy good or bad for your baby?

Are you struggling with the decision to give your baby a dummy?

We spoke with Dr Andrew Rochford of the TV series "What's good for you" about what's good for your baby - especially when it comes to buying the right product.

Childhood Middle Ear Disease

baby cryingOtitis media is the general term for a range of middle ear diseases.

Many parents whose children have otitis media may just call it ‘glue ear’ or an ‘ear infection’ but whatever you call it findings in a new report  are a real cause for concern due to the sheer number of children affected.

Sun tips for babies and kids

Babies have delicate skin which can be easily damaged by UVR from the sun.

UVR can cause painful sunburn and lead to freckles and increased risk of skin cancer.  Find out how to play it safe and protect your baby everydays.

Detox your home to keep your children safe

Children's behaviour, including crawling and the hand-to-mouth activities of babies and toddlers, makes them more likely than adults to be exposed to harmful chemicals in and around the home.

"Common household cleaners and chemicals are responsible for 95 per cent of all childhood poisoning incidents."

Six easy ways to go green with your baby

Ever wondered how you can raise a ‘green' baby?

The good news is that there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives on the market so whether you decided to go completely organic or just make a few small changes, everything you do adds up to a healthier planet and a happy baby.  Read on for six easy ways to go green...

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