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Welcome to the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club!

It’s been a busy six months for the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club – we hope you are enjoying the parenting information we share with you each month and that it is both helpful and relevant to your daily life.

In August, the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club held the inaugural Mum’s Club event which was hosted by MotherInc Editor, Claudia Keech at Lollipops Playland and Café, Entertainment Quarter in Sydney. 50 mums from the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club and their babies met the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club ambassadors: Sheyne Rowley and Dr Charmaine Saunders.

Guests were treated to morning tea delights during the presentations on healthy sleep routines for their children and how to maintain healthy relationships with their partner. The Q&A session afterwards was very helpful and relevant to mums whilst the play environment kept the children happy and entertained. The event was a huge success with lots of fun had by all!

Here are some comments from mum’s who attended the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club event:

“Sheyne was a great help. If only I could take her with me”
- Lisa and nine month old Matthew

“Overall the morning was entertaining & importantly educational too”
- Susie and 14 month old Chloe

“What a fantastic event! A great day out for me and my baby”
- Michelle and three month old Riley

“I’ll definitely be taking some of the hints and help Dr Saunders shared with us today”
- Jo and 6 month old Oliver

We’d like to thank all the mums and their babies who attended the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club event. Click here to see some snaps of you and your baby on the day. Stay tuned for future events.

If you were unable to attend the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club event or live outside NSW and would like to view the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club ambassador presentations on the day, click here to download the webcast.



Winner of the Ultimate Night Out Competition

Congratulations to Elvie Fernandez, the winner of the Ultimate Night Out competition. Elvie and her husband will be whisked away in a luxury car and taken to a first class restaurant where they can relax, unwind and spend some quality time together. To complete the evening, they will be given the VIP treatment with a gold class cinema experience to see a movie of their choice.

As for their little ones, they will be in safe hands. We have arranged for a professional babysitter to come and look after Elvie’s children in the comfort of their own home. We hope you have a great night out Elvie!


Winners of the Memorable Moments Competition

The Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club would like to thank all the mums who entered the Memorable Moments competition to win a Grow’n Up ‘Smart Kiddi Coupe’. There were so many lovely moments - it was difficult for us to choose only five!

Congratulations to the following winners:

Tanya Graham, Belrose NSW
“The birth of my son was my most Memorable Moment”

Deb Weir, Halls Head WA
“My three year old daughter Tyler was introduced to my uncle Tony's long time friend Jill who like my uncle Tony had lost her spouse suddenly recently. They had helped each other out with their recovering from grief and were at our house for lunch. Tyler listened to Uncle Tony introduce Jill and her hilarious and totally unsolicited response was, "Hello, are you the new one?" which broke up the entire party!”

Anita Ekberg, Indented Head VIC
“My Dad, Zak's Grandpa was standing away from a crowd of family and friends emerging from the funeral service. Zak saw him first, broke away from me and ran towards him. As he embraced his leg he looked up and saw his Bobo's sad face. "Don't worry Bobo. I'll take care of you." And he reached up to be lifted. My father's expression will be forever in my memory”

Nicole Strachan, Quakers Hill NSW
“Our first weekend at the snow - it was fantastic watching our girls discover the fun that can be had in such a cold environment”

Carmel Corry, Somerville VIC
“My brother "pretended" to pull $2 coins out of my daughter's ears at a party. The look on her face was totally unforgettable”


reading together

We'd love to hear from you!

The Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club would love to hear your feedback on the microsite. To help us to continue to provide you with updated information on the topics you’re interested in, please feel free to drop us a note and share your suggestions.

Stay tuned for more competitions next month.


baby smiling after a bath

Baby Tips

Becoming a parent is the most rewarding and challenging experience at the same time. With so much information for you to read, it can be a little overwhelming to take it all in.

To make life with your baby easier and even more enjoyable, here are a few simple suggestions from Nurofen for Children, on some of the daily basics in caring for your baby. Read more...


couple reading back to back

When two becomes three

Up until now it’s just been the two of you. Then all of a sudden baby comes and two suddenly becomes three. Your priorities change and the baby becomes the focus of your lives. How do you get back to what you had with your partner? Will your relationship ever be the same again?

Relationship expert Dr Charmaine Saunders offers some advice to help parents maintain happy and loving relationships at home. Read more.


toddler asleep

Exclusive Sleep Diary

Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club resident sleep expert and Australian Baby Whisperer, Sheyne Rowley has designed a Sleep Diary exclusively for the Nurofen for Children Mum’s Club.  The Sleep Diary is for you to use as a tool to help you understand your baby’s sleep patterns so that you can implement and establish a positive sleep routine.  Read more...


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