VIP mum Libbi Gorr

Libbi Gorr is still remembered by many Australians as Elle McFeast, the raunchy and audacious footy-loving character who was brought to life via the ABC's Live and Sweaty.

Nowadays Gorr is also known as a movie scriptwriter, a stand-up comedian, student of philosophy and the face of weight-loss company Jenny Craig.

Gorr's partner is director Stewart Burchmore who has two children, Ella, aged 12, and Chloe aged 14, from a previous relationship. The couple are also the proud parents of one-year-old Che.

You've had many incarnations as an entertainer. Do you bring your shtick and silliness to the role of mum?

Yes at times. I do lots of funny voices when reading bedtime stories.

As the face of Jenny Craig, you have had to have a very public battle with the cursed post-baby bulge. How do you feel about your body since giving birth?

I love it. It's the best thing I could have done for myself at this time of life.

What's your top tip as a parent!

Enjoy your baby! It goes so fast.

Can you tell us about the last big giggle you shared with your children?

Che is the glue that binds us together as a family. We were in stitches playing sandcastles at the beach just recently as Che completely sabotaged Ella's work by trying to help.

If there was something you would change if you had your time over, what would it be?

I'd learn not to worry and be insecure about whether I was OK. It's hell thinking everyone else knows something you don't, and that there's something wrong with you. Better realise that everyone has flaws, and they are what makes you special in this world

If you had just one wish (no matter how fanciful) to change something in Australia to better support being a 21st century parent, what would that be?

Childcare should be fully tax-deductible. It's ridiculous that it costs so much to go back to work.

How do you and your partner/husband keep the romance alive?

Um. Little surprises - retaining our sense of humour - and ensuring we actually do go out.

What chore do you simply despise?


What is that you love most about being a mum?

Being so in awe of someone else that we have created together.

Is it possible to have it all? How well do you juggle your work/life balance?

No. As [US comedian and actor] Steven Wright says, "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" I'm learning work/life balance. But it's 'go, go, go, go'.

Do you think your children would prefer you spent more time with them?

I know the girls love our time together, but to tell you the truth I think Che gets more concentrated stimulation at crèche where there is reading and craft than being dragged round by me all day as I work. I'm home mid-afternoon to be with him though, and we are always thrilled to see each other.

Is your partner 'hands-on' around the house?


How do you handle it when Che or your stepchildren behave in a way that is challenging or inappropriate?

We nip things in the bud quickly at our place. But remember, Che is very young. And Chloe and Ella are never inappropriate. They are a bit tardy perhaps, but rarely challenging and never inappropriate. They are my dear, dear special friends.

Do you find it easy to ask for practical support from family and friends?

Only my mum and dad.

What has been your greatest personal sacrifice since becoming a mum?

Wasting time.

How often do you take time out for yourself?

I always find time for an exercise and as walk.

How has the experience of motherhood changed you?

Yep. I feel connected to the human race and I'm forever grateful.