VIP mum Chloe Maxwell

Television presenter and model Chloe Maxwell, was discovered striding down a Sydney street in 1992 by the founder of Chic Models. Soon after this serendipitous encounter, Chloe began posing for Vogue magazine and became the face of fashion label Jeans West. Chloe has since gone on to appear on radio and TV (she was nominated for an AFI for her role in 2004's Under the Radar) and for three years was a host on Channel [V]'s Youth Network. Chloe is now partner to Wallaby player Mat Rogers and a mum to little baby Max. As well as designing for Champion clothing, Chloe was signed up to host Channel Seven's Wild program. Her latest role is as a mum to baby son Maxwell. Chloe is married to Wallaby player Mat Rogers and the couple also share the care of Mat's daughter Skyla and son Jack.

You have had a high profile as a model, appearing in ads for brands such as Sony, RayBan, Pepsi and Jeans West. If you hadn't of been plucked from obscurity, where do you think your life might be right now?

Well I got into university and wanted to study media and communications in order to become a journalist. I didn't have to go in the end and have subsequently enjoyed a career as a music/fashion and current events journalist, so I have been extremely lucky.

Modelling has taken you all around the globe in what is often seen as a fairly glamorous gig. How hard has it been to now stay at home and be a mum to six-month-old son Maxwell?

Not hard at all. I never really got caught up in the superficialities of the modelling business and was lucky enough to be kept grounded by my friends and family. Being a mum is something I have always wanted to be. It has been the best thing I have ever done in my life and so rewarding that any hardship has paled in comparison to the joy I feel for my son.

Has being a stepmum to Mat's children helped prepare you for motherhood?

Yes. They've helped me to develop patience, which is something I never had before.

Apart from pumpkin puree, what else do you have on the boil at the moment?

I am currently a spokesperson for this new milk maximizer called Ovaltine Max for Milk (ironically same name as my son). Children's health is something I feel very strongly about - now that I'm responsible for three kids - and, after the research I have done into this product, it cannot be faulted, as it offers a great way to encourage kids to drink milk and is packed full of vitamins and minerals. I have also joined forces with Champion in a range of fantastic womenswear for busy, funky mums on the go, which comes out next year.

Is it possible to have it all?

Luckily I have an amazing mother and grandmother (who is 80) and they are happy to look after Max at the drop of a hat, so I am doing my darndest to have it all.

Apart from your family and your work as a model/actor, what helps to define you as an individual?

I owe the world to my friends. They have stuck by me through thick and thin, and my closest girlfriends I have known since I was 12 so they know the real me and won't let me get away with anything. I'm truly blessed to have them.

What's your top tip?

Always keep your sense of humour no matter what adversity life throws your way.

Can you tell us about the last time you had a really big belly laugh as a family?

Every day. Laughing is the best medicine. It cures all trials and tribulations.

If there were something you could change if you had your time over, what would it be?

Nothing! "Non rien de rien". "Non je ne regret rien" as Edith Piaf might say.

If you had just one wish (no matter how fanciful) to change something in Australia to better support being a 21st century parent, what would that be?

I don't know, maybe free disposable nappies! I go through a truckload a week, especially with Max on solids now. Eergh!

How do you and Mat keep the romance alive?

He's always away for a start so that helps! No, really, we try to spend time together without the kids whenever we can.

Do you have a special date night out together?

Not really. We just try to make it out at least once a month without the kids.

What chore do you simply despise?

Ironing! I refuse to do it, so Mat has to iron his own clothes and I just buy stuff for me that doesn't need ironing.

What is that you love most about being a mum?

Everything. From the minute he wakes to the minute I put him down, I cherish it all!

Do you find it easy to ask for practical support from family and friends?

Yes, but I also read a lot and Baby Love by Robin Parker has been my bible. She is brilliant.

What has been your greatest personal sacrifice since becoming a mum?

I don't know if I would call it a sacrifice but my body has changed immensely and being a model for so long I guess has made me miss my former physique. Not having a lot of time to exercise has also made it harder to get my figure back. But really, this is such a small thing considering what I have received in return. [ie, Max.]

How often do you take time out for yourself?

Whenever I can. Mum or grandma come over once a week to watch Max so I can go shopping or spend time with Mat or friends. I love it.

How has motherhood changed you?

I am so aware of my responsibilities now that I have become more of a selfless person. I think for so long it was all about me and I was quite selfish, but now I put others before me everyday.

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