Recommended Accomodation for family holidays........

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Accomodation - short or longer term throughout Australia.

Weekend, family holiday/festive season/summer holidays....

Surfing the net - works really well. Sometimes the photographs don't necessarily match the reality but budget wise - if you know what you want. Don't go past checking QUEST PROPERTIES - from on the Harbour in Manly, to Bondi to more inner city locations Australia-wide..

Central for holiday or a healthy holiday stay for all - none of the risks which come with super-cheap budget accomodation. The properties are nationwide.

"We have stayed with QUEST on at least three occasions. We needed the space and ability to cook our own meals and save on outgoings from ordering food in, laundry etc. The apartments have heaps of space, great beds and the configuration of each apartment allowed for space for all, but room to cater to all sizes of families - small and large."

quest on franklin st outside copy"One property had a fantastic gym and pool area and a tiny walk to a fantastic supermarket - located close to  Sydney city. Another was near Perth city in Western Australia for easy sightseeing and shopping.

Another stay in Manly again we had the amazing views of the Harbour and a walk to everywhere from the Ferry to the Manly Corso, great restaurants, the beach, shops and of course grocery stores to keep the outgoings - in check!"

"The prices vary on the season. The location, size, saving on other aspects of budget accomodation allow for a more comfortable and safe holiday with all the modern conveniences."

"We are booking our 4th visit now. Totally recommend."

Locations are all over Australia. Click to go to Quest's website.


NOTE: this is not a paid advertisement. Nor is the Banner providing instant contact to this family/friendly to Quest business and holiday facilities and property locations for a great visit to Sydney.

##Check it out if you are still trying to work out your festive or Summer holiday.

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