Peter Evans

It's not by accident that Pete Evans has become one of Australia's most successful chefs. The 35-year-old would have to be one of the hardest working celebrity chefs in the country.

The challenges in growing our family
From one dad to another

Back in April 2007, my wife and I had two beautiful girls and felt truly ready to try for number three. However, like many other couples this was proving to be more difficult than we had initially thought. My name is Sam and my wife is Kate… and this is our story.

Dad's Groups

Mum's Groups can provide the most extraordinary support group for new mums in those first heady days of parenting. Women who will become your new best friends, your life-line and the ones you may cry and laugh with you as the years come and go and your kids walk, talk, play sport, got to school and beyond!

But what about Dad?


The latest research reveals that 11 per cent of Australian men have given up work to care for their kids. motherInc talks to Richard Rees about what it’s like to be a man in a woman’s world.

First time dads Aussies vs US Dads

You would think new dads are the same around the world but they are not!

Aussie dads, Sam Holt and Troy Jones (Being a Dad DVD) have gone global with an American version of their ‘dad-umentaries’.

After a two month tour of the US filming great stories of pregnancy and birth with new dads in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Diego and Boston.

As a result of the research and filming for their new programming, they found some interesting differences between first time Aussie dads/mums and first time dads/mums in the US.

Dads and play

For most mothers, connecting with the world of play and imagination that their children inhabit comes easily. Linda Smith discovers for dads, it may not always be so natural.

When a mother told drama teacher Matthew Emond that her five-year-old communicated better with him than his own father – an idea was born.

Convinced this poor dad was not alone, Emond launched a workshop with an innovative twist. Dad's with a Difference* was a first for the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) and proved a huge success.

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