Sex poll results - what's happening in your house?
The results are in! 27 per cent of new mums have “Zero” bedroom confidence when it comes to post baby relationships…

If you’re feeling a bit like your mojo left you when you’re baby arrived, you’re not alone!!!

The survey with sensual products retailer and party plan company, PASH Australia has revealed that for 58 per cent of mums with young children, sex life is pretty non existent and confidence in the bedroom is in dire need of encouragement! It also highlighted the dramatic effects of having a baby on a woman’s self confidence and body image, leading to loss of assurance in their own sex appeal, looks and general happiness.

Just under 500 motherInc readers took part in the poll. Seventy per cent of pollsters had children under three years old. Half of the women said they didn’t like their post-baby body; 14 per cent are finding it difficult to maintain their relationship with their partner and almost a third do not feel sexy in the slightest.

Unsurprisingly 27 per cent said they had zero bedroom confidence with 58 per cent claiming their sex life was non-existent or nothing to write home about! A quarter of women were actually scared of, or certainly not looking forward to having sex with their partner post baby.

Jo Karabin, founder of PASH and mother of Mila, 2 years says the results back up anecdotal evidence from PASH Parties:

“I’ve found that it’s very common for new mums to have self-confidence and self-esteem issues relating to their bodies and their sex life, but inevitably their own personal issues often get pushed aside, and women tend to spend their time talking about their babies, not themselves”.

Karabin says: “We've found with our parties that women, even if they don't know each other well, really start to open up about their relationships, their body image and worries about their sex life. We give them the opportunity to have a laugh; try some products; buy some sexy undies; learn a few tips - all of which help to let them generally feel a bit sexier and more equipped to tackle the re-entry into an intimate relationship with their partner”.

Claudia Keech, founder of says the first year after having a baby is hard for many reasons: tiredness, feeding issues, hormonal changes, new priorities for mum and dad and the demands of a baby and working out new family dynamics:

“Exhaustion is an expected part of parenting! But fatigue and sleep deprivation play a huge role in mums just wanting a night's sleep sans romance. And it’s not just the mum. With Dad exhausted from the daily grind of work/home/family, there’s not only a need to promote time out for mum to look after herself, but also to help the adult relationship in the house!”

Five simple steps to getting your sexy back

  1. Find time for you – a bubble bath and a glass of wine can go a long way!!!
  2. Throw out those nana knickers! Just because you’re a mum doesn’t mean you have to revert to the tired old housewife type. Some sexy but comfy undies can go a long way to making you feel sexy on the inside and out
  3. Similarly, get rid of those daggy, unflattering tracky dacks and wear some clothes that make the most of your new curves!
  4. Think of simple ways to reinvigorate the romance – a dinner date, weekend away, sexy suggestions or games, just be a couple again.
  5. Talk to friends – you’re not alone in how you feel. A bit of a giggle with the girls over a glass of wine and some nibbles at a PASH Party will be all the tonic you need to GET YOUR SEXY BACK for GOOD!

PASH hosts “Yummy Mummies PASH Parties” as an alternative to mothers’ group sessions or just for a giggle with the girls, helping new mums regain their bedroom confidence and suggest fun ways they can rediscover their sex life. Go to or call 1300 00 PASH (7274) to find out more.